If the bottom drops out of the old world

do We land on top of the New?
I guess, this moment is not so bad


You judge an Other as if You know, precisely, who that Other is; when You haven't a clue as to "who" You (Really) are

Creative thought comes out of the field of no thought


I am taken on the wind to remember the depth of the ocean, the width of the sky, the height of the stars
Inside Here, I ask no questions, I hear no answers
I feel the cool morning air on my arms
And know


Heart to Heart

Heart Energy

Without the 'student' the 'teacher' does not exist. It is a symbiotic relationship, as is, All Life Is in this connection. But, we, as a society have restricted the bonds we hold to one another through constrictions and constraints. We continue to be in bondage when we see one person being a "success" in life or as a "failure". This goes for whether you are a teacher or a student.
The teacher cannot assume a position of superiority over the perceived inferior student. The teaching fails miserably in this stance; the teaching has nothing to do with the content of what is being taught. You can See a true teacher, immediately, when You feel inspired and loved. And the teacher Sees the student as the Love that they Are.

This is particularly insidious among those who have gained some "success" through 'spiritual awakening'. I do not speak of Eckhart Tolle here, his "success" in the old world is a by-product of his "teaching". He has said that the greatest acheivement he has "made" is that he doesn't need to think anymore. He said that in the "success" of the Power of Now his ego would have loved it! I know what he is talking about, but I do not claim to know more then You.

This is about EVERYONE! Everyone has their own way into the Oneness or rather, coming out from behind the curtain. (Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz) (We Are already One, but some cannot See that)

I see that for now we are forming groups, in a sense, in order to connect In a larger field. When you know that your heart, literally, sends out bubbles of energy at the speed of light to anywhere in the World, how can we remain separate with our thoughts? (See: The Heart's Code by Paul Pearsall)


Seeing the "other" as yourself

When I was 14 I had a serious skiing accident. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks. I was lucky. I think, looking back, that this was a major eye-opening, "turning point". I, actually, feel that it was more like a heart opening experience. I remember feeling very "seen" by a couple of nurses, and my doctor. One nurse, in particular.

In retrospect, I can see that I started some kind of "search" at this point. Maybe to replicate the feeling that I "thought" I got from that nurse. She seemed to accept me just the way I was. Of course, I did not realize that then. I looked outside of myself for that
love. And couldn't find it because it was In me, all along.

This injury, today, helped me to realize the insignificance of situations (the "things" of life, the form life takes). The connections we have; the Love is All there Is. Seeing the "other" as yourself.

Inspired by Marite, and All

Alchemy. I had a dream last night about alchemy but now I cannot conjure it back. Something will come up. Knitting the dream of Life In To Love.


Well Come!

It is not until we realize that we didn't have a choice that we are Truly able to respond to an other human being---from a 'place of choice'. "Before" that, in ego, all unconscious humans only know reaction.
And they have been acting in a way that they did not choose;
therefore their actions are crazy-mad and unconscious.

Violence, anger, jealousy, hate, evil

All of us have been in this place of normal "ego" madness. And Now many, many begin to "step out" of this pattern (thousands of years)

If You are reading this You are one of these "mutant" humans!
You have suffered enough or recognized the intense suffering of others
...the countless suffering of humanity (hu-Wo+Man-ity) for centuries


We, Literally, Cannot Think About It

The Depth of Life cannot be spoken
But We can say that we know; we sense this Ocean that surrounds us, is in Us
Sometimes diving Deep
Be(comes) living deeply


I Am the Freedom Full in my Heart

I realize that some of the things I say may not make sense to most people. This is not due to a lack of understanding or knowledge on Your part; Or one may think that I am not clear or that I state the obvious; maybe You think you've heard it all before or I don't know what I'm talking about.

All misunderstanding comes from one place: the conditioned ego mind, collective and individual, both. You may think you understand but through the filter of the ego You can never understand. No one is at fault for this. If You can recognize the conditioning in others first and then yourself, You find the True Freedom You've been after, all along. If only for a moment! You Are on Your Way

There Is Only Universal Love

We Are All In OneLove

Through the I AM, the It, known AND Unknown, both

We cannot blame others for their unconsciousness
We have all been unconscious within this field of Now
We all have the possibility of "waking up to reality"
It Is All-Ways Now.
(things come and go, forms change constantly, but in the Now)
We can't know why or how or what
But We sense the Truth, not through thinking
Through some Unknown 'faculty'
Something undefinable
We can know that It Is, but we cannot know IT (through the external world)
But the external world comes Alive with inner knowing
~Knowing that each Core self is One Core


"Possessed by the ego" (a phrase from Eckhart Tolle)

Conflict between people is often a constant state of being. Well, two people have to have egos for this. If only one is still answering to the ego then that entity will experience the continual dis-ease of the "normal madness" that everyone has. Everyone has this defect of living in the past and the future, places that only exist as a mental construct. And EVERYONE has the possibility of "stepping beyond" (Eckhart Tolle) this limited state in to the field of Now.

The way the past 'exists' for You is through your memories in the present moment. And the future is a place we never get to. Just the realization of this is enough. This one realization brings True Peace. Peace in every moment, in every situation. You reside in the ocean, the meadow, the forest, the lake, the sky, the universe, the infinity of Peace itself.


posted on Creation of the Creativity, 3/31/08

In my waking up experience I can see that it has not been "a running away from or a running to" situation. I have a family that is not having the same awareness of consciousness as I. [except my daughter, now 17] It is not their fault, it is the way it is. They are sometimes unhappy about it. But it is not possible to "act" as if I am still dreaming. Many around me think that I am mad [crazy] or something is "wrong" with me or that I am sick. Well, yes, my body has physical illness but not the mental kind. Yes, I have seen my own madness as well as everyone's. Stepping out of the collective conditioning is not easy but it is also simple to do. It is the effortless endeavor I speak of. The pain does not go away, completely. One does not become numb. One recognizes more clearly the suffering in others instead of being trapped in one's own suffering. I experience emotions but they are no longer obsessive. The emotions become real for the first time. No more need to listen to others who may say you should not feel the way you do. You will just know that what you feel and experience is truth. "Eckhart [Tolle] says A New Earth is about you. 'It will change your state of consciousness or it will be meaningless.' (p. 7) How will you know if your state of consciousness is changing? There is one certain criterion by which you can measure your success in this practice: The degree of peace that you feel within." He says that peace underlies your being. Yep.
March 7, 2008


Bringer of Peace

I can see a "progression" into peace in my experience. I can see the entirety of my life in gratitude. All the pain and misery served a purpose. Every step, every moment brings me here, now. Intellectually you know we only experience the now. We do not experience the past or the future, but sometimes we can see the entire life experience as a whole and that extends in front of and behind the present, in one moment. I write but who is writing? What directs me now? My brain/mind is functioning but it is somewhat automatic, without effort. What comes next, it just flows. It may be meaningless and that is fine.

from 3/22/08
The moment is now to write. To speak of the equality of all. To break down all heart barriers to connection, to the flow of Love which is ever-present in the formless...
the formlessness that cannot be spoken

To lift off the structures of conditioning Is now.
We do create our reality, in every moment, but not with the mind.

If/when we practice kindness the heart follows, is open
But we do not practice this with the mind
The true "mind" resides in the heart.
The one-ness of all.

This very Now moment Is the "setting up" of the "new" earth.

from 4/11/07

Flying into the Arms of the All-experience

If one grows up learning to Love Nature and the countryside
It can make a World of difference

The Stillness of All
The Complete Ecstasy
Ecstatic Stillness


I can do the job

I'm looking for a Conscious employer to keep our forms afloat while resting in the depths of the Ocean


My mother spent most of her life in form cleaning for others
In her own home
Cleaning diapers, cleaning dishes, cleaning floors, cleaning clothes, cleaning up vomit, cleaning the bathtub, cleaning cuts, cleaning the car, cleaning the lawn, cleaning the toilet, on and on... not to mention cooking and feeding, sewing and mending, ironing and folding, making beds and sleeping in them at night.

Now, she doesn't have to think about these things anymore (I guess) because her mind has shifted focus. I have no idea if she thinks at all now; others take care of her.


An Open Vessel of Light with Spike and Key

A year ago I mailed a sculptural wall hanging to Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng, along with the content of my blog: "Creation of the Creativity".

I often wonder if they received it?