A Real Childhood Forever

Every single one of Us
has had the experience of living Inside the Mother

Her cells created Our cells

Miraculously, We become separate entities...We know this
Is obvious to Our eyes
but has not always been obvious to the mind

the mind has often projected Our own wishes, rules and regulations, on to the Child
As, We All (have known) what is "best" for that tiny human being...

When, all along ...if We follow the cues of the Child, they tell Us--- everything
that is needed--- nourishment and touch... And, recognition for the Love that We Are
In Our Child/Our Mother.. Inside.

So, in Your journey back to the Source
You can know
that We, In-deed | even in Our body... so to speak...
Are  identical/the same -  without boundary - and, at the same

time 100% capable of 'standing on Our own two feet' --- from the beginning
Our inner compass directs Us, allWays, Home (here in Our Heart*)

*Heart is where the Home Is