Only Love is Real

"Love your neighbor as yourself"

This is the key. It doesn't happen with the mind. Once you love yourself, you naturally love everyone. And loving yourself, is just becoming aware that You Are Love, Itself... naturally, everyone is, also, Love.

(release yourself from all self-imposed dogmas)
there is no opposite to Love, only misunderstanding of/by/through the mind


It is possible to wake up one day and discover that You love everyone and everything, truly
You don't need to think about it!


Blending into the oneness, at times can feel so deeply painful... and yet, on the edge, is already the joy.


The Meek are among Us

Everyone is born 'equipped' with all we truly need:
an Open Heart that has no boundaries
with Infinite Love, that only Gives

So simple

Everyone cares for each other, everyone is fulfilled just by existing

There are a few of these mutant beings walking around now.
And they are creating quite a scene-ry... and before you know it...
You Are Living in Paradise


You have to know what is suppressed, repressed, oppressed or denied, etc.
In order to transcend it
Otherwise--what are You transcending?

You have to deeply understand that no person "deserves" more of anything than another
You have to know that endless misunderstanding of who We truly are... has kept Us (all of us) divided merely by the figments of our imaginations.

Countless things throughout Our lives We suffered "because of"... were only ideas, usually based on other people's "beliefs" about Our selves that We accepted, blindly, as the truth. And the irony is that We had no power to See it any other way!

So when You Wake Up to Now, the true Reality... all the past pain and suffering dissolves in an instant... and instead You Are Left with the deepest Gratitude that Life is Living You...without end.


art project

Effortless Endeavor as BOOK
(mini-coffee table/art book) (picture book with selected writings)

I am Life Itself

I am devoted to creating Vessels of Love
It is a priceless endeavor

Life only gives


Dear One

Everyone is always welcome
Where ever they Are