invitation from Love

Unlock the secret chamber in your heart
and let Love
.................the power of Love................

In experiencing the flow + wonder of Life ...

We allow the turning of the key...

as You are reading this, You are Opening the Door!



no boundaries

i have dropped the illusion that i live in a separate country from you

this is one of the 'easier' so-called identities to 'let go of '... [feel in to it!]

allow the feeling of oneness to be here
allow it IN... cross the border of your mind...

We share one Great Heart


Welcome to Reality!

a sense of 'allowing' this moment to be.... does not pertain to future or hypothetical situations
for the reason that both 'future' and 'hypothetical' situations..... in reality... do not exist

it is TRUE....there is no time

it is TRUE... it is completely possible to live in the now.... why?.... because we are doing it....!!! LOL...
some, are just not aware of it!

so....it is impossible to talk about the 'how' of now.... or 'allowing'...with clarity for the mind.... to the heart it is clear already!

ALLOWING, only occurs in this moment.... everything comes and goes in this space of this moment.... always 'has'... always 'will'.... always NOW (and always NEW) 

seems like a paradox, hey? LOL!

it is just the way Life Is...

The infinite You, is home to stay! 

" The sense of being someone "
shifts to  

a sense of be~ing One


[a] love divine

the longing and its fulfillment expressed in this infinite moment
from the bottomless depth of the heart
heart without chambers and walls, only endless open sky
no mind can be there
a mind disintegrates without a trace in its air


no better, no worse

people say to children: "do your best!"

let me ask you:

have you ever tried to do your worst?

...have you ever, actually, 'tried' doing?


answering the call

Well, yes and no... as i awaken, i know that it is not so much that i don't have thoughts...it is the recognition, that they are that...just thoughts..this is where the 'problem' lies, when people identify 'who they are' with their thoughts.

We know that when we 'believe in our thoughts' ...this is insane. The thing is, we can't 'fight' thoughts with more thoughts... (with benefit)

Two things come in to play: it is easier to understand that people have insane thoughts when i, myself, see that my own thoughts have been equally insane....

and in this seeing, we know, that the thoughts arise unconsciously...as we awaken we see this, and with this awareness, "the so-called conscious choices" come automatically...
No explanation with words, because, the effect of it is beyond the words...
the words just point...'always have, always will'... awakening Is the recognition of this!...

Paradoxically.. it is simple, yet 'not easy' to come into understanding through the mind. The mind may fear* becoming ineffective as the heart awakens ...
in conjunction,
is truly the way we 'consciously' function.
This is not a 'doing'...it is an 'allowing'..of the two to merge.

 *(the opposite of fear is also at play)(we can say, that for a time 'desire' comes in more strongly, though it is not feared...it leads, equally well as the fear!!)(both fear and desire dissolve in the awakened 'state', a state which is not to be 'feared or desired'...LOL!! hehehehehe!!)(a stateless state)

If you remember the earliest point of yourself as a child, and imagine each step 'forward' from that point...you see, that innocence is never lost... only conditioning comes in to play that obscures our inherent being. The being that is open and full of Love.


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Monday, April 7, 2008

Waking up to a New World does not leave the Old One behind. It is the only effective thing one can be (awakened) to bring the end to the suffering of millions. Otherwise we fuel the suffering in every step we take. Yes, it may not happen "overnight" but it "will" happen in the Now. All choices begin to change with a gradual awakening. Awareness is present.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Non-judgmental ascension in to Heaven on Earth. You pass through to the other side and no one sees it. You become thankful for each day, each moment, each raindrop. 


Mandi Solk 'The Joy of No Self'

Happy reNew "Us"!!

Meet Mandi... click on the title here to see her interview on Conscious TV!!

Say YES!! LOL!!!