Dragonflies are the Fairies

I spent 2 hours communing with this guy today!
some days one does not want to write a "proper" sentence
Is that why poetry was "invented"?

often it is easier to understand what the poet points toward
when we talk about the "formless" dimension. "Formless" is a word Eckhart Tolle uses.

Unconditioned Intelligence (We All have It)

We take for granted the way things are in our heads... the way society functions, the way we relate to one another; all the ways we "live." The rules we follow, internal and external... when and what we eat, how often, when we should sleep, how long, how many hours we shall work or not work, what we shall do for work, how we play, etc., etc., etc. Habits. What is valued and what is not. Conformity. Norms, what is normal?

(the madness of the ego is/has been "normal")