Personal perspectives are no longer needed
You can have a preference which does not render an other "lesser than" or "greater than"
There are no others and there is no outside
I prefer not to use period marks


When You "exclude" others
with mind-made concepts
You are lost,


Love Is Here

I'm looking for a writing I made in which I talk about fear and its opposite: "hope"... because when I (actually) wrote about this I knew that that was not quite "right"; I mean, the opposite to fear is desire.

These are polarities of the same mind-made emotion. One has a negative aspect to it: fear; but, also, if you look closely, so does desire (have a negative quality). Both mind-made emotions create an uneasy feeling in the body. There is another type of fear that exists without thought. The instant before You have an accident: OH! ("Real") Fear comes up to propel You to automatic survival action! But the fear of the future ("future" that never, actually comes) is totally unnecessary! The same with desire. You desire to be loved... but do not realize that You ARE LOVED, YOU ARE LOVE, ALREADY!



excerpt from a letter

Thank you for sending me the detailed info regarding this medal!

I, too, have a fascination with these objects.

I was "indoctrinated" in the catholic religion until age 14, when I had had enough of their false beliefs. (I prob. could not have fully articulated that then, but I clearly knew that I was being told things that were not about the truth). Anyway, my father's side of the family was irish catholic and therefore had numerous medals, rosary beads, prayer cards, etc.  My mother converted to catholicism, after she married my father, from a "protestant" background... and from this I learned about the contradictions in religion. There is an underlying principle in all the religions that has been subverted.  And, I know, at times, the symbols point toward this truth... it is just that it(truth) has been obscured by numerous stories and beliefs, categorized and separated from our true nature.  I'm particularly fascinated by Mary because she represents the feminine nature and has been stripped of her sexual/life-giving nature and "her" original status as the Lover/Mother"'Goddess'". (And her mythology involved the figure of Mary Magdalene as the representation of this principle in relation to Jesus). In other words, the human representation of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is the unification of the feminine and the masculine principles as '"God"'. (I don't like the term "God", better, for me, is Universal Love) ... As a child, sitting in church, I could sense that there was something "more"; something that transcended the negativity that surrounded the culture of religion (all religions). I could sense something shining through the forms.:

i have a strong sense that, "originally", the 2 hearts on the reverse side(of a Mother Mary medal) represented Mary Magdalene and Jesus(Jeshua). We all contain both feminine and masculine nature(s) and we are now in the time of integration of the "2". (as well with the "M" on the cross; "she" was "there", too)
Last night I had a "random" memory pop in at 10:45 pm: Area of Newport Beach, California w/Paul...going to a restaurant, bright evening sun, around summer 1976 (77?, 'would have to look it up). And then the Fortune Teller machine, ocean cliff building, old tourist attraction, in November 1985, San Francisco w/Carl


I love the smell of Nivea....
Everytime I see the small tin I have
I think of the Swedish girls in Ticino
I can't see them, clearly,
I can see the bathroom, I have a sense of it.
A moment.
I am continually reminded of this memory
When I see the little round tin
(Eventhough, I don't think they manufactured these small ones back then,
28 years ago,
Nor was Nivea made in Mexico?)

If I had been any different
then, than I am now
I would not Be Here Now.
If one step could be changed
The entire world changes;