The moon is 56% full
The little me, "doreen," will not be back in the next life
The only life is Now
And It is Living me
Future never comes
No more outcomes


It is the Crow Calling Love---the Nature of Love...of Who You Are
It may start out sounding faintly, and gradually over time (as we have known time to be)
Over time, the Call Increases
You can't even think about why you would be thinking this
The Knowing comes back on-line
to bring In this Awareness of Your Essential Being

You discover, You uncover that Your True Nature has been "hiding" up until Now


Below Consciousness the mind wants to find, always the rational explanation
When you become aware of all that is unconscious
You Are Aware In Consciousness


The Opening

We all contain/radiate female energy and male energy...out of whack... the awakening of us all serves to balance the two... not related so much to the form...

But in unconsciousness, we see that the female form was suppressed due to the mind's insanity

Un-awareness is over.. for us, for the whole of the feminine nature... must come first, this Now, this time...ending the madness

The feminine energy is increasing to bring the masculine energy back to its center. This is Natural "law" ...the confusion in the masculine energy dis-integrates in unconsciousness,

In Consciousness it aligns with the feminine energy
The feminine energy is magnetic, the masculine energy is electric

That is what is created through my "vessels"...the human form of "me" and through the copper wire "Love Vessels"... we All are "doing it" in one way or another!!
Anything that comes through your form serves to fuel the Love that You Are
The Nature of Love
Embraces the All


The Beauty of Life
is almost too much to bear for our little minds
Through "certain" experiences
of Coming "Into" Conscious Awareness