I have realized that I received my “mindfulness” practice, intuitively, from “being trained” as an artist to just look at things, landscapes, Nature …and, ultimately, the 'end' result of this “looking” Is being able to See.

As a matter of fact, this is the language for artists… first You look (observe)…and then You See (“You See” reality, as it Is… the true reality of the way something appears in front of the eyes, rather than the way the mind paints the picture). And then, the execution of the art is pure magic…coming from some other realm, from withIn the heart of the artist.

[nothing can be trained]
{there is no 'end' to It}


Megáll az idö

Tagline:  "Between the pain of the past and the fear of the future, time stands still."


Big Dawg = Compassionate Space

You reach in to the core of sadness, in order, in this moment to Be with peace.
The mind cannot go there with You.


In the Zone

there is no difference between being side-tracked
and staying on course, or on the track, on the path, following your bliss... etc.



In the end which is not the end all memories blend in to the oneness We all share the same memories We all are there in them


The Awakened Heart

The truth of Nature's Daughter
In (my) entire life all I ever truly wanted was to love and be loved, [in return] deeply

Some-how, I knew I was dreaming ~ this love was not Real ~ could never be known through another human being

And Now, In this space of this moment
I Am, deeply, In Love with the Love In every Being, everyone

~ And it is a natural experience; merging with Life, Itself ~


All of It

What I Love conveying is that

From the space of Now

The view of the Play of Forms

With all the pain and suffering

Is Seen as Beauty

Through the Awareness of