It is so nice to not have to think anymore
It was Heart warming to hear Bono answer a question on Wednesday night, something like this:
What song of another artist do you wish you wrote? His answer was: Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen as sung by Jeff Buckley.

Yesterday I was looking at an artist's profile on Etsy. I noticed that he was born in Paris, Tennessee. (I had never heard of Paris, Tennessee) A few moments later, I was looking at old postcards in my collection. I came across a few that were written to my father from his buddies while they were at army camp during WWII. (My father could not "join up" due to illness) One of the cards had a picture of a barrage balloon from Camp Tyson in Paris, Tennessee. One of the lines I can read says: "The camp is swell here."

There are electric chain saws buzzing in the neighborhood to remove the tree remains from the ice storm in December; now that it is almost Spring. I wonder what would happen if everyone left the branches where they lie.

True Equality

What We perceive as "mistakes" occur continually, in Our 'every day' lives. Have You ever stopped to realize that You can't stop the "mistakes"? "Mistakes" are only judgments; judgments that We make 'after the f-act'. You cannot prevent these actual acts. Therefore, once You stop using judgment You Are Free, Free to live in Life As It Is. Take away judgment and everything 'falls in to Place'. No more anxiety, stress, failure or success, better or lesser than. True Equality arises. True Love (of All).