March 22, 2008...with edits March 12, 2012

Bringer of Peace

I can see a "progression" into peace in [my] experience.  I can see the entirety of [my] life [situation] in gratitude.  All the pain and misery served a purpose.  (the Ineffable Purpose)

Every step, every moment brings me here, now.
Intellectually, You know, We only experience the now.  We do not experience [the] past or [the] future, [but sometimes] I [can] See the entire life experience as a whole; and that extends in front of and behind The Present, in one moment.

I write but who is writing?  What directs me now?  [My] brain/mind is functioning... [but] it is [somewhat] automatic, without effort.  What comes next... it just flows

There is no next

It [may] Be meaningless [and] that is fine!!