I came across this last night in one of my old notebooks....
May 7, 1987
a reflection of my own need to let go of the past
When the past is "present"
one tends to live also in a future --- the future becomes important.
But the goal is with the present.
In looking outside myself for the "answers" I come upon constant reminders to look within.
Judging others is truly a judgement of myself. Instead, I can see my strongest reactions to another are due to what is being
reflected to me about myself.
The greatest satisfaction is experienced in giving to another, and cannot be recognized as a "satisfaction"
No pride, success, failure, ego, self-satisfaction. It is trust, in sync with the universe ---
everything flows and it is without cognizance of a separated self, without separation. One does not lose self ---one merges with the whole, the universe, one is the universe.
Therefore everything that happens, "is"
Everything "is" for a reason, and the reason need not be known.
There are no wrong choices, or right choices to be made.