From Creation of the Creativity 16/01/2009

...because of the ego ("the mind-made sense of self"). We have killed human bodies and human spirits with words, labels, definitions, "knowledge", etc. Words are objects and cannot reside in the formless dimension, but when one is aware of that dimension a word can be used to "point" at "It". ("It" is not an "it", though) It is helpful to see each human you encounter as if they were an "innocent" animal (the way many humans love animals: unconditionally). Or if you can see the child in each 'person'; you can see that their whole "life" has been done to them. Each child does not have a choice as to how it will respond to outside stimuli; its environment. NOW, we are waking up to the realization that we can Be Life without struggles and effort; suffering. Is not the evolution of human beings an integration of the dimension of form with the dimension of formlessness? Just because we were blind in the "past" (for eons) does not mean we cannot Be with the formless Now. Just because there was misunderstanding does not mean we will "forever" be doomed. Why does it not make sense that we are evolving? Doesn't it make sense that the earth is responding to its ego-based destruction with its own cleansing process? Can You See the deep "intelligence" of the planet? The Deep Intelligence of Nature...Pure Intelligence.

I come to bury the ego not to praise it. The "evil" you speak of is the ego. It is a concept but you can see its destruction. "Possessed by the ego", this is clearly evident. "God" is a concept from object consciousness; but you can transform that concept to see it point to the formless dimension and it becomes Love (or Nature, or the All, the Divine, the Infinite, All That Is, the Sacred) I thank Eckhart Tolle for distilling "words" to give us pointers to the Universal dimension of Love. "Space Consciousness"