Even with awakening the body can feel tiredness and pain. You no longer fight against those feelings.
Some people have spent their "time" here "on Earth" thinking that they did not "deserve" to be, here.
The things that divide people are just concepts and thoughts.

If only we could tell another that the reason they are suffering is just a
thought about it....

If you and another are on completely different
wavelengths, the one who is awake "has" the
understanding and
holds the light (instead of "have a fight")

It "gets" easier, though---
the "more" awake- It becomes
no task--whatsoever
to Be Your Life
No questions, no anxiety, no regrets, no guilt, no fear,
no difficulty

Still, the others will blame You for the cause of their pain
You can not prove yourself;
You can never win this fight ever again. Because
You have laid All weapons down (forever)
And gone Home

Transmutation Light Vessels Are Fully Activated!!!!

Transmutation Light Vessels:

this form of a person uses Copper Wire +/- Beads +/- Fibers to Knit/Weave/Sew/(Transform) 3D lines into
wall hangings/vessels/vehicles for
Inside and/or Outside Spaces
these "Vessels" are Conduitive/Conductive "Container" Transmitters for 'Inner+Outer' "magnetic+electro" Energy
Bathed with 4D/5D/6D +- (to Infinite) Energy
the "Vessels" serve as Receptacles for Releasing constriction/Dissolving constraints/Neutralizing opposition
They 'Hold In' and 'Let Out' Simultaneously
Open To Receive
Communicates Quietly through the Open Heart


From Creation of the Creativity 16/01/2009

...because of the ego ("the mind-made sense of self"). We have killed human bodies and human spirits with words, labels, definitions, "knowledge", etc. Words are objects and cannot reside in the formless dimension, but when one is aware of that dimension a word can be used to "point" at "It". ("It" is not an "it", though) It is helpful to see each human you encounter as if they were an "innocent" animal (the way many humans love animals: unconditionally). Or if you can see the child in each 'person'; you can see that their whole "life" has been done to them. Each child does not have a choice as to how it will respond to outside stimuli; its environment. NOW, we are waking up to the realization that we can Be Life without struggles and effort; suffering. Is not the evolution of human beings an integration of the dimension of form with the dimension of formlessness? Just because we were blind in the "past" (for eons) does not mean we cannot Be with the formless Now. Just because there was misunderstanding does not mean we will "forever" be doomed. Why does it not make sense that we are evolving? Doesn't it make sense that the earth is responding to its ego-based destruction with its own cleansing process? Can You See the deep "intelligence" of the planet? The Deep Intelligence of Nature...Pure Intelligence.

I come to bury the ego not to praise it. The "evil" you speak of is the ego. It is a concept but you can see its destruction. "Possessed by the ego", this is clearly evident. "God" is a concept from object consciousness; but you can transform that concept to see it point to the formless dimension and it becomes Love (or Nature, or the All, the Divine, the Infinite, All That Is, the Sacred) I thank Eckhart Tolle for distilling "words" to give us pointers to the Universal dimension of Love. "Space Consciousness"


Experiencing feelings of loss
With no direct cause
Universal Sensation(s)


What You think You know is never the Truth

Open Wide

To become a "follower" of ET (Eckhart Tolle) is to miss the "point". But, really, there is no point. We Are All Equal In This. All "will" have, "have" had, Are "having" realization (at some "point"). And that point occurs in the field of Now. There Is no past and no future, only as "concepts". And concepts are not Real.

Eckhart has shared with the world "his thoughts", "his" knowing of the Now. The Now is available to Us All! Know that this "channel" to receive is Wide Open! I share with the world through "art" and there Is Truly no "Art" (capital A) In It!


Why did a thought about a silver necklace that I lost about 25 years ago pop into my head this morning?


As Bashar would say: "There is no outside!"

There is an odd sense of aloneness "after" You wake-up to the Now. It is definitely not loneliness; All the "priorities" in Life shift. Many things, You realize Now, were a complete "waste of energy" and at the same time those things Are completely necessary (to have happened)!! In other words: You accept EVERYTHING that has happened! EVERYTHING!

Nothing Is out of place.

What You perceived as separate from You is no longer "separate"; and It never was. The "Oneness" unfolds In To Your everyday living.

So the aloneness is Truly AllOne-ness. The aloneness is an old world reality belief. Just a belief. You realize the True Connection of EVERYTHING!


There is an underlying sense of peace that is constantly there. The "in love" changes to "In OneLove" with the All.

I notice that I no longer have extremes of emotion. I was in an alert "worry" the other night when my son had an accident but my mind and body automatically knew exactly what to do. There was not a sense of "panic" or overwhelming worry. I did what I had to do. To be there with him, to face what Is in the field of Now. To not be Present in that type of situation serves no one. But I could not not "Be" There, it Is the Way It functions Now. One's "happiness, sadness, etc." just come but are not dependent on an other person or thing. These emotions arise or come but no longer do I remain trapped in them. They come and go, naturally.... the peace remains, always.


It is so nice to not have to think anymore
It was Heart warming to hear Bono answer a question on Wednesday night, something like this:
What song of another artist do you wish you wrote? His answer was: Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen as sung by Jeff Buckley.

Yesterday I was looking at an artist's profile on Etsy. I noticed that he was born in Paris, Tennessee. (I had never heard of Paris, Tennessee) A few moments later, I was looking at old postcards in my collection. I came across a few that were written to my father from his buddies while they were at army camp during WWII. (My father could not "join up" due to illness) One of the cards had a picture of a barrage balloon from Camp Tyson in Paris, Tennessee. One of the lines I can read says: "The camp is swell here."

There are electric chain saws buzzing in the neighborhood to remove the tree remains from the ice storm in December; now that it is almost Spring. I wonder what would happen if everyone left the branches where they lie.

True Equality

What We perceive as "mistakes" occur continually, in Our 'every day' lives. Have You ever stopped to realize that You can't stop the "mistakes"? "Mistakes" are only judgments; judgments that We make 'after the f-act'. You cannot prevent these actual acts. Therefore, once You stop using judgment You Are Free, Free to live in Life As It Is. Take away judgment and everything 'falls in to Place'. No more anxiety, stress, failure or success, better or lesser than. True Equality arises. True Love (of All).


The "bottom line" to what Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle, and others are "pointing to" is this: To "get to" the True "Heaven" is merely a shift in Your perception. No One "else" need make it with You. Because, they are there, already, in Your shift, Your Heaven!


When We humans started exchanging "money" for things We fell into a deep, dark hole. Now We Are climbing out. Luckily, the journey back is close, We See the Light.

All our human connections and relationships have revolved around this idea of exchange. You give me this, I'll give You that; I take away that, You take away this. All Our endeavors have been based on mental constructs: ideas about ways to live, but not actually Life (eventhough We unconsciously live Life without thought All the Time, the paradox). Stop! what makes that other person other than You?


You are not responsible for your "personality". It has served you. Once You See that You are much "more" than "your personality" You will begin to See how We Are All connected. All One (thing) (but It Is not a "thing" It Is Consciousness)

We Are the One Consciousness expressing Life through form. The body is a mask, a theater for a play(improvisational); so when the body dies We go "back" into the Oneness (which We never left, there Is no "going back")
We Are In It Allready.

Ponder, a moment, the depth of this.
Stop trying to change yourself, to "better" yourself, to be something that you are not.
Stop arguing with the Now. Unless you stop the fight, you will never realize the bliss in this field of Now, always in your center, as close as your breath. But you cannot stop it with your mind.
I "want" for You this realization of the depth of who You Are. Although, It Is, (only important that I realize for "my" Expression because I, also See It In You. Your realization of Your essential self is important for You once You recognize It, and thus the rest of "Us")

In that realization is the Ecstasy of Life. Simple Bliss. Simple
You can have it Now. Know that.
The past is a story and the future never comes! So without regret, guilt, and stress (ONLY thoughts about the past and future!!) you have instant peace, ONLY LOVE!

You CANNOT control your thoughts, BUT you can stop the obsessive thought patterns by recognizing your thoughts as JUST thoughts!!!
You can then See that We Are("were") All mad before this realization comes to YOU. But it never comes in the future, it only comes in the NOW
Just ponder the impossibility of becoming someone else
What You Are is exactly as It Is

Your Intuition knows exactly what It Is Being in this field of NOW