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Compassion arises from Love. One cannot be too busy for it. Or "caught up" in one's "own

 life." It, simply, Is.

You are surrounded by a Field of Love, step into It. Rest in this Peace. Always with You.


Devotion in the Temple of Love

"This is largely an appeal to the feminine heart. The heart of a young girl who worships love and the goddess of love and the heroes of love. And this plays the dominant part of her life. So the vast majority of the fans are girls who come 
there to worship at the shrine of the goddess or the young god hero as they did in the ancient past." 

"I've seen this with the most dramatic intensity with The Beatles playing to two or three thousand young girls in Manchester. Apart from another journalist, I was the only male in the audience. And I've never experienced anything like it in myself. If I were confronted with 10,000 Loch Ness monsters, I wouldn't be so impressed by this whistling and wailing and possession of the soul of these young girls."

~Journalist unknown ... does anyone know his name? Please Please (Me)


Bringer of Peace

Only unconditioned Love Is Real...
October 9, 1981

I celebrate 31 years ago*, when I was gifted with meeting 
my True Nature... through Grace

*[we can speak in the conventional linear terms...lol]

I exist, truly, in timeless space of Nowland... where
past and future exist simultaneously, as reality...no longer as concepts!  And knowing that!...it is alright to talk about the past!.... so to speak!   It is a shift in perspective, that widens the horizon... and merges with the infinite vertical dimension...

No more 'guilt or apology' for having awakened to Love...

Peace In Life!


Voice from the Heart: New Feminism

Voice from the Heart: New Feminism: all people are (were) * born in to the masculinist conditioning, not anyone’s personal fault… *[" (were)"...as the paradigm shift is happ...


Everything is not "coming up roses" in the end

You Are the Rose, already



being lightness

Silence is in the center of *every* Sound
...as Love, is the *very nature* of Existence ... the Universes ... Life

"being lightness" by doreen connors | RedBubble:


March 22, 2008...with edits March 12, 2012

Bringer of Peace

I can see a "progression" into peace in [my] experience.  I can see the entirety of [my] life [situation] in gratitude.  All the pain and misery served a purpose.  (the Ineffable Purpose)

Every step, every moment brings me here, now.
Intellectually, You know, We only experience the now.  We do not experience [the] past or [the] future, [but sometimes] I [can] See the entire life experience as a whole; and that extends in front of and behind The Present, in one moment.

I write but who is writing?  What directs me now?  [My] brain/mind is functioning... [but] it is [somewhat] automatic, without effort.  What comes next... it just flows

There is no next

It [may] Be meaningless [and] that is fine!!


soul full

Even though all my endeavors these days are effortless
I pour my Heart (and soul) into every one of them!

interior design



 We start in the heart of sameness... and                      out of that, 

 creativity moves in a multitude of different 


 the flame is not partial to the wax it burns...yet,     cannot

 exist without it


We have entered Her sacred temple countless times
and basked in Her pool
without knowing
that she bathes Our Heart with only Love