Doreen Connors graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, in 1979; receiving a BFA in Painting. Shortly after finishing her studies, she traveled to Mexico and subsequently to Europe.
This was a significant three-year period that watered the seeds of her creativity, in mystically experiential ways. Caring for her family, as mother, since 1989 carried her in a new direction moving from her roots in painting/drawing to include sculptural fiber art…blossoming and branching out.
Doreen says:
My art is an exploration of inner landscapes; traveled without a map, guided by the inner compass. All feeling is expressed conduitively through heart to hand, infused in to materials/surface/form. The process of creating art has served to integrate the experiential awareness of Universal Love with Life, Itself!
In-formed by the ancient, collective memory of Who I Am/Who We Are…
The art play represents the expression of my true nature; always contained in and infinitely open to the present moment. I have uncovered the thread that interweaves my life experience with Life, as pure, essential, non-objective mark making… having left the labyrinth behind, feeling the full warmth and light of the sun on my face; in flow with the glow of the moon.