Enigma ~~ Return to Innocence ~~

we, actually, have no "time" to waste!

outside You is infinity...inside You is infinity...there is no separation

infinity is simple... it just is

what is seemingly perplexing...is how human being(s) have 'created' such a seemingly complex structure of limitation within the limitlessness


in an Instant...You are free!


our uni-verse

as Your roots
ever deeper

In Ground

Your branches…
for the stars

In Sky
that You breathe through



nothing better than now

amorous desire comes... un-done
....falls away

ecstatic quiet solitude
magically appears
[place of a loneliness]

~ the        all ready         united         whole        Being ~
Is Clearly Here

(the state of) Love
always present


unconditioned Love

if she can’t see herself as the essence of being that
She Is
You recognize Her



only one truth

this goes out to All the people in the world
who do not know that it is their birthright
just to

...the Love that We Are


only thoughts on thoughts=0

'Your thoughts about my thoughts...my thoughts about Your thoughts'
where is the truth?
what is truth
when I break the rules, do Your thoughts see that?
do We need more questions
quest-ions are not connected to reality
please don't think about this...LOL!

let Us all Live Now in absolute Freedom through the Heart
what do You have to lose?
only thoughts about it....
See that only Love is Real, and the only barrier to this truth is a thought
between You and I

back to basics, thoughts are not Real Life

take Yourself back to the beginning... to birth
move forward from there, in to this moment
and realize that everything just happens
go in to the minute observation of how one step follows the next
a continuum, that has never been interfered with 
only thoughts, have told You otherwise... they are not the reality of it
only thoughts, want You to believe otherwise
beliefs are not real... they are just thoughts about it
just thoughts about it

when has anything 'turned out' the way You thought about it...
go ahead, plan Your next 10 minutes, and see what happens!!


Compassion Is

being able to walk in someone else's shoes
and, simultaneously
Allowing them to run barefoot in the cold, wet grass in the middle of the night



simply this ~
as our minds are quiet
We feel through the space of the heart
Love We Are



feelings re-surface
no..., feelings go deeper

it is safe, now, in expression
fully what has all/ways
all ready
being spoken

no longer...need
of the air...to bring...the words back in to the throat to lodge there and harbor resentment
...re-sentiment that 'was' unnecessary and
never true

releasing! all
'back to'
In to
they go... disintegrating into thin air from which they came - invisible
feathers that seemed heavy

just slow-motion ennui...that appeared never-ending
free of boredom
free from containment
"Free at last!"
...lasting without end


out of the focus

the truth of Our connection
...beyond our sight + senses


the 'chain reaction' that breaks the chain

Love goes beyond feeling...Love is the essence of Life Itself...Love has no opposite
All expressions are In Love
No thoughts help to release us from suffering
As suffering ends in myself, I no longer can be the cause of suffering for other people
( :


this Child of mine

When I was a child I felt feelings deeply
I don't feel that people, in general, understand this
...about children
That, the depth of a child, is equal to Your depth
And that that child that You were....
You still Are, that!!

I carry with me the depth that I am, everywhere....always
....so do You...



Instrument of Peace

"The desire to be an instrument of peace is central to many ways of thinking, in both religious and non-religious outlooks. I wrote and sang this song with my children's chorus "The International Peace Performers" to honor any and all impetus towards being a vehicle for peace. Whether your "Lord" is the inner light of your own awareness or another view on spiritual matters, the intention behind this song is to honor all attempts at being a channel for peace and a bearer of hope in the world today. The Prayer of St. Francis provides the foundation of these lyrics, with additional words added. Cyrille Verdeaux played exquisite piano for this recording, and Paul Beach added chanting and percussion."

~ Frances Key

Rare U2 Pride In The Name Of Love Live 1984

Crystal Clarity

Love Is
who We Are
not what We do
The mind can never know this...
...We cannot become aware through thoughts...
what only the Heart feels

We are Aware of the Greater Intelligence arising on the planet
through Our Hearts
fueled by the truth of Love

unconscious actions can not occur in the space of Love
I now, understand, the U2 song: "Pride (In the Name of Love)"
Bono pleas with us: "What more 'in the name of love' ? "

It is all coming together now...
perfectly clear


Awareness never questions... or imposes Itself on You
In Truth, everyone's Inner Child  heals from the wounds inflicted by unconsciousness through Awareness

Innocence is never lost by you...It is found to You

Innocence is never lost...It waits underneath the bandages
Compassion does not remove scars, it is the balm that dissolves them


one more thing

Is Your moment better than mine?

space barriers

Many people are recognized for being by their paycheck
Even though they are not truly recognized for their beingness
Often the quantity of dollars that one person receives for their 'being'
Is much greater than their neighbor's beingness, or even "their" spouse's
Can we even claim having a separate 'being' ?
Do You own or have a spouse?

Is this changing? I don't wear boots, I cannot pull up my bootstraps
Yes, indeed, I live in the space of now
the art play piles up, and needs to be thrown out [eventually?]
better just to be!


from Amma

Amma with children, taken from Amma.org

"Awakening the Universal Motherhood"

"The essence of motherhood is not restricted to women who have given birth;
It is inherent in both men and women,
{It is an attitude of the mind.}*
It is love, and love is the very breath of life."

I include with this... We are also awakening to the Universal Childhood...

We are both, the essence of mother and child... withIn....
Our In-herent Innocence




longing is transformed to deepening
emptiness grows and expands
It reaches places where only miracles reside
there is no opposite to fullness, never was
cherished experience becomes one with Life
"there is no outside"
no end, no beginning, ....free


Sri Mata Amritanandamayi

Amma is coming to a town near me in the middle of July...
her slogan is: "embracing the world"

In meeting Amma, I re-dedicate my devotion to Love

Thank You with Great Fullness in the Heart
all my friends

Assist Us (You and me) in the Unfoldment of Unconditional Love


Sometimes it feels like 'we don't have enough time'
And what I mean by that...
Purely This
In Sacred harmonious existence
While We Are...in the body
Let's Dance


the Inspiration that flows through


 as the Valley 'continues' to Open...
Valley merges with Mountain

In to Infinity...
Life Is


The only way to share the peace is to be it
And when one is It, then there is Peace Full-ness
there is no trying involved; only seeing the Now
[Then,] all 'effort' is removed from one's Being

October 27, 2008, revised June 26, 2010


The only thing You need to drop believing
Is that You have to deserve to exist
The rest falls away, effortlessly
You are being the one You are, right now
The time has come to listen to what I say
To open Your eyes to what is directly in front of Your nose
No need for gentle persuasion
There is absolutely nothing to protect
Nothing to defend
Nothing to lose


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Sweet Reality

what once was a dream
Is Now, reality
what seemed to be reality
Is Now...only a dream


Full fill(a)ment

spontaneous Figments of Our Imagination
Are the most Intimate
expressions of Now
that We have

And always 2 figments merge in the spaces of
Our Quiet Nature

In the flash of a moment
We soar beyond
the outer edges of the Universe