I longed to be close to my parents
While, as a child, I sat on their laps

They've gone far a-way now
clear out of sight

I never knew
One day, they'd return
to the home in my heart,

that ne'er did they leave



Love Is Here/Now

Universal Love cannot come through force,
You cannot think about it, conjure it up with your imagination,

Or do meditation on it;

It does not take steps to get to It
(although it may seem that way, in retrospect)

Love=the All="Allah"="God"=the Sacred dimension= the Divine=All That Is

You find it by not looking for It

It Is Now, with no future or past "existence"

We Only/Ever Experience the Now

You can never "have" It or "lose" It.

You Are It


Our longing for Love is the myth of the mind
Our hearts know all along
Where It resides
At the center of the Universe
Here I Am


The reality of "what is"
is better than
the illusion of "what isn't"

Every worry is an illusion


When you are on the shore the ocean comes toward you.

When you see love the ocean pulls you near.

When you give love, the ocean holds you.

I realize
Beingness Is

my intentions are rarely fulfilled
my Being is in Its Fullness
as is.

All Intention is inherent in Your Being
It unfolds

The reality of the truth is never what is imagined
Imagination in and of itself is beautiful!


Our True Nature of Allowing Life to Be
Has been covered over with the mind

We aren't awakening to "Sword" knowledge

We are Allowing Love to Be
And in this the Sword functions perfectly

(I'd like to come up with an alternative word for "Sword"...
any "thoughts" out there?)
(I am taking this "Sword" analogy from Eckhart Tolle... but it doesn't completely Play for me)


Losing focus can be a "good" thing

to greater awareness
is deepening Love
At moments
I can feel that there is no end
to the Universe
It is both lonely and comforting,
inspiring and quiet
(at the same time)...Awe-somely
kind and sad


I have family members and friends who literally cannot look at my blogs.



Share with Us something simple and fun You have discovered Yourself doing.  For example, I washed dishes by candlelight.


I took this off of Marite's "Quotation of the Day" gadget on her blog:

"Man has such a predilection for systems and abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is ready to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)


although it is not a necessity
It is nice to have one other person See You for Who You Truly Are
I See You


Life Is responsible for who We Are

And when You know that:

You Are Life, Itself