unconditioned Love

if she can’t see herself as the essence of being that
She Is
You recognize Her



only one truth

this goes out to All the people in the world
who do not know that it is their birthright
just to

...the Love that We Are


only thoughts on thoughts=0

'Your thoughts about my thoughts...my thoughts about Your thoughts'
where is the truth?
what is truth
when I break the rules, do Your thoughts see that?
do We need more questions
quest-ions are not connected to reality
please don't think about this...LOL!

let Us all Live Now in absolute Freedom through the Heart
what do You have to lose?
only thoughts about it....
See that only Love is Real, and the only barrier to this truth is a thought
between You and I

back to basics, thoughts are not Real Life

take Yourself back to the beginning... to birth
move forward from there, in to this moment
and realize that everything just happens
go in to the minute observation of how one step follows the next
a continuum, that has never been interfered with 
only thoughts, have told You otherwise... they are not the reality of it
only thoughts, want You to believe otherwise
beliefs are not real... they are just thoughts about it
just thoughts about it

when has anything 'turned out' the way You thought about it...
go ahead, plan Your next 10 minutes, and see what happens!!


Compassion Is

being able to walk in someone else's shoes
and, simultaneously
Allowing them to run barefoot in the cold, wet grass in the middle of the night



simply this ~
as our minds are quiet
We feel through the space of the heart
Love We Are



feelings re-surface
no..., feelings go deeper

it is safe, now, in expression
fully what has all/ways
all ready
being spoken

no longer...need
of the air...to bring...the words back in to the throat to lodge there and harbor resentment
...re-sentiment that 'was' unnecessary and
never true

releasing! all
'back to'
In to
they go... disintegrating into thin air from which they came - invisible
feathers that seemed heavy

just slow-motion ennui...that appeared never-ending
free of boredom
free from containment
"Free at last!"
...lasting without end