through my child eyes, I Am
I am, the being I have always been

the end of slavery

I've been here, forever
You can't See me
I can no longer wait, for that 'day to come'
For several reasonless reasons

first, there is no future
We experience infinite Life, Now
Not 'yesterday', not 'tomorrow'

the whole world exists in this breath, right now
the only limitations in all of existence are Our 'thoughts'
And thoughts are nothing Real... I've said this 'before' and I say it again
Thoughts have not any thing to do with Reality

Life Is...   [what We call 'Life']...
You never know anything
why not accept this, right Now

And BE the one You Are in the Oneness...
You have absolutely NOTHING to lose!!!!

When You can no longer hear Your thoughts
Or listen to Your thoughts
You know You are the Freedom, that You have always been...
Your "eyes" could not See....

[believing Our thoughts keeps Us enslaved; in Our own prison]