Living through Heart

I no longer live a day-to-day; 'business-as-usual' existence
I sense, that it may look strange to other people, though I infrequently see other people...so they are not Seeing "me"
(except for my immediate family members...{although} they are mostly 'out and about')

It is odd to the mind, to think about this 'knowing-feeling' I have, Now:  I truly feel connected to everything and everyone.  So much of the life experience (in a past that is now, transformed) was lived in the head, even while I "was there"...living it... (Well, this is the grandest illusion, of them all!!.. Life lives Us...whether We Are Aware of It, or not!!)


... the word 'right' in "right action" has a slightly different sense to it than something is "right or wrong"...
It means that from the Now...from the state of Present awareness... any action that arises is "right" or "as is"....

In other words, one does not question or second guess the action that happens. And in reality, all action is "right action"... it is only the mind that judges a situation to be "right" or "wrong."

There is a kind of "inherent confidence" in all actions that come up, out of the state of Being in the Now