the Inspiration that flows through


 as the Valley 'continues' to Open...
Valley merges with Mountain

In to Infinity...
Life Is


The only way to share the peace is to be it
And when one is It, then there is Peace Full-ness
there is no trying involved; only seeing the Now
[Then,] all 'effort' is removed from one's Being

October 27, 2008, revised June 26, 2010


The only thing You need to drop believing
Is that You have to deserve to exist
The rest falls away, effortlessly
You are being the one You are, right now
The time has come to listen to what I say
To open Your eyes to what is directly in front of Your nose
No need for gentle persuasion
There is absolutely nothing to protect
Nothing to defend
Nothing to lose


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Sweet Reality

what once was a dream
Is Now, reality
what seemed to be reality
Is Now...only a dream


Full fill(a)ment

spontaneous Figments of Our Imagination
Are the most Intimate
expressions of Now
that We have

And always 2 figments merge in the spaces of
Our Quiet Nature

In the flash of a moment
We soar beyond
the outer edges of the Universe