Living through Heart

I no longer live a day-to-day; 'business-as-usual' existence
I sense, that it may look strange to other people, though I infrequently see other people...so they are not Seeing "me"
(except for my immediate family members...{although} they are mostly 'out and about')

It is odd to the mind, to think about this 'knowing-feeling' I have, Now:  I truly feel connected to everything and everyone.  So much of the life experience (in a past that is now, transformed) was lived in the head, even while I "was there"...living it... (Well, this is the grandest illusion, of them all!!.. Life lives Us...whether We Are Aware of It, or not!!)


... the word 'right' in "right action" has a slightly different sense to it than something is "right or wrong"...
It means that from the Now...from the state of Present awareness... any action that arises is "right" or "as is"....

In other words, one does not question or second guess the action that happens. And in reality, all action is "right action"... it is only the mind that judges a situation to be "right" or "wrong."

There is a kind of "inherent confidence" in all actions that come up, out of the state of Being in the Now


through my child eyes, I Am
I am, the being I have always been

the end of slavery

I've been here, forever
You can't See me
I can no longer wait, for that 'day to come'
For several reasonless reasons

first, there is no future
We experience infinite Life, Now
Not 'yesterday', not 'tomorrow'

the whole world exists in this breath, right now
the only limitations in all of existence are Our 'thoughts'
And thoughts are nothing Real... I've said this 'before' and I say it again
Thoughts have not any thing to do with Reality

Life Is...   [what We call 'Life']...
You never know anything
why not accept this, right Now

And BE the one You Are in the Oneness...
You have absolutely NOTHING to lose!!!!

When You can no longer hear Your thoughts
Or listen to Your thoughts
You know You are the Freedom, that You have always been...
Your "eyes" could not See....

[believing Our thoughts keeps Us enslaved; in Our own prison]


A Real Childhood Forever

Every single one of Us
has had the experience of living Inside the Mother

Her cells created Our cells

Miraculously, We become separate entities...We know this
Is obvious to Our eyes
but has not always been obvious to the mind

the mind has often projected Our own wishes, rules and regulations, on to the Child
As, We All (have known) what is "best" for that tiny human being...

When, all along ...if We follow the cues of the Child, they tell Us--- everything
that is needed--- nourishment and touch... And, recognition for the Love that We Are
In Our Child/Our Mother.. Inside.

So, in Your journey back to the Source
You can know
that We, In-deed | even in Our body... so to speak...
Are  identical/the same -  without boundary - and, at the same

time 100% capable of 'standing on Our own two feet' --- from the beginning
Our inner compass directs Us, allWays, Home (here in Our Heart*)

*Heart is where the Home Is


What can I say?

Talking about Being Present sounds so mamby-pamby to someone who is just beginning to awaken.
This is not, in any way, a judgment toward the listener.  They can't help it.  Nor, can anyone "help" how they feel.  There is absolutely no "right or wrong" way... and even when we label something as being "right" or "wrong".... well that is not it, either.  To some, it sounds very strange to be able to remove all the labels and definitions; judgments (good or bad) that we put on everything.  It is really, a removal of adjectives, unless the adjective expresses an inner feeling, a feeling that (in effect) does not make another person "wrong" in stating it.

The true irony with all of this, though.... is... the mind can't make these "non-judgments" or even "think" about them... Then it just does not play, though, that is OK, "until" It Plays... Life Plays.  You just recognize this, it is that simple... and yet, deeply profound.  So incredibly profound, that there is no end to the deepening.  Endless.

The quite miraculous thing that, also, occurs... is an ever-present Gratitude that You hold for Your life situation... the All of It... the whole thing... from the moment You were born.  What once was painful, transmutes, in retrospect, to just being Full of Truth, Beauty and Love.  Your perspective completely changes, Your outlook Is transformed.  Forever.  Your "past" changes.  And the "future" never comes.  You do, indeed, See ...YourSelf merging with Life, Itself.

The words just don't cut it.  I can't help it, if they sound un-True.  You find this out, for Yourself.  What lies beneath the surface is Truth.  And it is not a word.  Not an expression.  Not a feeling...that can be described.



underNeath… It All
Is You
In Truth
the You
You’ve been looking for
All a-long


the Dangerous Old Woman - 2 part podcast

WithIn every human Being is the Dangerous Old Woman
 - this giftedness
a man who presides over the
marriage of his Inner Woman
with his Inner Man
Aware of This
(also, check out the interview with Gangaji, while You are there)
(link sent to me by Abi)



When I stopped judging myself, good or bad, negative or positive
All judgments of other people stopped being generated by me
this is liberation

This includes defining and assuming anything about another person
We know nothing with our minds, nothing
To judge another person is merely a 'thought' about that person
A thought that can never come close to the truth of Who We Are

We are without limits...  body and all...  what we call limitations... are in fact illusions
It is time to wake up to this now
It is time to stop feeling limited

The Heart language... We Are learning
contains no judgments, assumptions or definitions
the mind can't even hear this speak
that is why, We Are completely free now, to tell it, say it, Be it!!

It is alright to come up out of the ground now
The roots are spreading, the shoots are bursting forth
the dormant tree, sleeps no longer


I came across this last night in one of my old notebooks....
May 7, 1987
a reflection of my own need to let go of the past
When the past is "present"
one tends to live also in a future --- the future becomes important.
But the goal is with the present.
In looking outside myself for the "answers" I come upon constant reminders to look within.
Judging others is truly a judgement of myself. Instead, I can see my strongest reactions to another are due to what is being
reflected to me about myself.
The greatest satisfaction is experienced in giving to another, and cannot be recognized as a "satisfaction"
No pride, success, failure, ego, self-satisfaction. It is trust, in sync with the universe ---
everything flows and it is without cognizance of a separated self, without separation. One does not lose self ---one merges with the whole, the universe, one is the universe.
Therefore everything that happens, "is"
Everything "is" for a reason, and the reason need not be known.
There are no wrong choices, or right choices to be made.



the Essence of me = the Essence of You

I get feelings in my Heart, at times.... It wonders....
It wonders why more of my friends can't read or even
Look at my blogs...
I don't feel I am asking "too much"....
I truly do put my "All" in to this endeavor....Yes! It is effortless...
Effortless does not imply "Love-less"
This is the only Way... I can show You
How...Truly.... I Love You!!

stream of consciousness plays

knowing that judgments aren't real
why keep up the illusion through common
combinations of words
When We know, feel In Our hearts...deeply
that We Are Love, Itself
We Love everyone


Silent Voice

I understand 'taking a VoW' of Silence
As the True Way of Love
without any intention


All judgments, comments, opinions...
contain a - (negative) or + (positive) charge

Apply the "=" principle, Instead
...Equanimity Is the constant frequency...