Where do completely "random" memories come from? And why do they enter our awareness at that moment? The other day I suddenly remembered and thought (and saw with the "mind's eye") about driving on a road, that I have rarely been on, in the area of my hometown. It just popped in and stayed for awhile with vivid detail, as if I had been on that same drive yesterday. But I know the time I, actually, had taken this road was, perhaps, around 8 years ago.

And then there are the synchronicities (big and small?) that, I know, occur all the time but our awareness of them has often been obscured. Or we chalk them up to being just coincidences. Co-Incident. Yesterday, I was watching the Cash Cab, a trivia game show that takes place in a NYC cab. One of the questions was asking for the "media dubbed" name of a serial killer in NY in 1985 (I thought he said "in NY" but realize I "heard" that because this killer had been in California); what came to my mind was Son of Sam. (I said it 'out loud', my daughter was in the room; the answer was: the Night Stalker) A little later I was 1/2 watching an old, November 1993, episode of Seinfeld when the character Kramer says, "Son of Sam." In this episode, Elaine is dating a guy with the name Joel Rifkin (the name of a NY serial killer, caught in 1993). Everywhere he goes his name creates an uneasiness in people. Therefore, Elaine talks to him about popular names she likes without actually suggesting that he change his name (later in the episode he realizes, himself ,that it would be better if he changed his name). She mentions popular names of football players; first she says "Dion" and then she says "OJ" (a few months later in 1994 this name would be associated with murder). To me this was a complex "synch" combined with "retro-irony"!

Living in the Now heightens Your perception. "Things" that had been invisible to You before are now clearly in View. For example: the utter beauty of Nature.