before Now

Living in the Now heightens Your perception
"Things" that had been invisible to You before* are now clearly in View
For example:  the utter beauty of Nature

*even though, "before" does not exist, lol!


Please Level the Playing Field Now!

Whether a judgment is seen as positive or negative....
Makes no difference
It is all judgments... judgmentalism

Making someone "right"... makes another person "wrong"
The hierarchy of ideas... just thoughts.... has to end
Be Here Now, and stop Your opinions
Speak directly from the Heart of Love
That can never make You "lesser" or "better" than me

We All have this ability
Find Yours Now!!


Imagine Now

Imagine that All the thoughts You thought in the past.... disappear
Imagine that You cannot possibly imagine what the next moment brings
Imagine that You no longer imagine... and yet, imagination in and of Itself functions without a future.


A musing

if You think something "is it"
then You know that's not it

any thought about something, is not the truth

truth can never be spoken
I feel the body feels the truth....more

acutely ~

the "aHa" goes deeper In the cells.
cellular memory

human consciousness evolving....  paradoxical
We don't truly know if this is "an evolution" of consciousness
Feels more like, Yes, human evolution In to becoming Aware of Consciousness
...That Is....  And yet, Life Is the motivating force... So exquisitely complex, Our "minds" which are nothing...
Blow Up... In the thinking process....  an Implosion of Peace.

It can be an In-volution withIn all the Life forms---that then becomes aware of Consciousness
Aware that We ARE Consciousness becoming Aware of Itself
An Infinite series of mirrors... Life without end... Plays!


We know so much more with
Our bodies than We give Our bodies credit for
moving Us In to Awareness
Beyond what We call "mind"

bodies move about constantly
near Us and far from Us
of which we 'cannot' know
what It Is... this dance

this moment
As We experience connections
through the air waves/or beyond/through
We Are pro-founded and amazed
at the exact same time

A few words that a-rise out of Our bodies
Are heard
reverberate a sensation
that strikes Us without
reason or rhyme


I feel the brain hasn't a clue
As to how much In-form-ation We receive
through Our bodies



Open Yourself Fully to the All...
To the LOVE that YOU ARE!
What do You have to lose?
Your life....?  You don't have a life...
We Are Life, Itself

Stop thinking about it, NOW
)I have, You 'can' too!(

Don't try to do anything....about it!   Absolutely, don't try
"Trying" does not exist, anyway! 
If You don't "get" the teaching of 'Mary/Mary(Mag)' (MM- the double/triple "V")....   Truly does not matter!!!!   If You do... You reside In Paradise... (this is the only difference... You either know that You Are In Paradise.... or.....  You don't!!!    SIMPLE!!!)

the four "v"s
ie: mother/daughter/father/son
In One
('matters' only for the transition!) 



In Truth
there are colors in the sky
that Open the Heart lens
of Love....Life!!


zero Point

not even Zero exists
100% minus
100% equals
and that is

At All

Seeing no point
on the edge of the sky
there are no words

without title

Even the effortless endeavor
falls away
completely gone now
Back to the ocean
re-turning to the center of the grain of earth,
the invisible speck
Dissolved, In on Itself


Perfectly Clear

Every single human being is born on this planet as the embodiment of Love, Itself
If You want liberation
You remember this fact
All the rest is conditioning


The truth of the matter is this:
You Are the center of the Universe
And this has nothing to do with
being self-centered