We have been masters at limitation
Now, We Are servants of Limitlessness


Living in the Now Is Paradise
Freedom emanates from the Infinite Heart Center


Once you "find" the True Love that dwells within the Vast Spaces of Your Great Heart, there is never any fear that You will "lose" It!


Now Is Your Life

You've heard the saying: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life"? Well, not true.

Your Life is Now, always

Re-born to the Now, in each moment

Situations come and go

No need to "get out of" any situation

Everything happens in this field of Now!


To know that Love is limitless
Ever deepening
Endlessly wide
Always soaring high
Is the Great Gift of Life

And You Are That


Even though all my endeavors these days are effortless
I pour my Heart (and soul) into every one of them!


People are dying to be loved
They don't realize that they
Are Love, Already


It is possible to live with "what is"
Impossible to live with "what if" or "what should have happened"


When 2 'memories' merge [1 from 1 person, 1 from another person; maybe you know this person, maybe you don't]
as a 'complex memory' or it could be a 'complex synchronicity'
that is where the heart-felt Life resides

To share each others' lives opens us to Love
Not as comparisons, who is better, who is lesser; no

As a merging of experiences, the commonality within the myriad of variety. The essence
of experience is the same. It points
at our essence - our unity, our oneness.

When you can look at your entire Life
as a gift


This painbody/ego is dead.

Allowing others to burn up their own suffering through the fires of unconditional Love

There is nothing You can do;

just to Be the space of this Love that You ARE


Dropping all intentions brings You into the Now
Or, Being in the Now, all intentions drop

To Be in the space of the Open Heart is All We Are with EveryOne


Life Now, "Yours for the Taking"

All experience is reflection in the pond of Life
Living Life in Awareness is a "catch-22," without any problem
Always new, Always Now
You become aware that You Are Aware
Reflections cast in a set of mirrors
Infinitely aware that you are aware that you are aware....


A Harbinger of Peace

Hawks have gotten a "bad rap"
Doves are not the only bringers of Peace
"the peace that passes all understanding" does not only belong to one sect
It Is... possible for EVERYONE... beyond belief


Completely Open Vessel

Knowing nothing allows you to Know Everything
Who will help you? The universe within you.
Do not rely on the voices outside of you
You Are your deepest Friend


There are moments you will still feel trapped

You become Open to the fact that all man-made structures, including rules and regulations, opinions, mental speculations, praise and criticism, traditions, firmly held beliefs and faith... what else? You name it!! All are crumbling!!

And what remains? Only Love/Peace

No problem!!

When one loses touch with their ego it will appear to others, who are still entrenched in their own ego, that one is highly egotistic! It appears to be a "problem" but problems no longer exist in this new earth. Neither yours or mine. There is no "yours" and "mine"


Live Life!

All emotions come from an ego-based misunderstanding about the True Nature of Life; all emotions are not Real; only Love is Real

Love=Life=formlessness=Consciousness=Universal Love=Unconditional Love=True Love=Divine Love=Sacred Love=Life=the formless dimension=Oneness

Live the One True Life Now...There Is, literally, no "time to waste"
Time does not exist!
You wake up to the truth that your pain is a lie

"No one is at fault for not sensing the truth"

Making another "wrong" does not mean that you are "right"

"The body is in Consciousness"


"You lose yourself in the mind" Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual teaching is not coming to You from the outside. It "arises" from within. And when the mind tries to define it...the mind mutes the Knowing that Is Within

Knowing You Are Consciousness... You Play with the forms
Nothing is, EVER, out of place, in Reality

All movements are part of the play,
Even dreams are valid forms to play with
To dance with!


Let's be clear about what Love Is

Let's be perfectly clear about what Love is. It never comes from the ego. If you still have an ego, you will not find a trace of love in it. Love never enters into your life, from the outside. Love is not really given, it is, in a sense "more" than that. Love is what We Are. But you will not See It if you think about it. It arises out of the depths of Your Being, once the ego dissolves, in the Field of Now.

"You cannot claim ownership of it." It belongs with Everything. Love can never go away, or fade, or leave your side; You might not know that yet. It surrounds You, it fills You. The Way to It is through Waking Up In the Now. A shift in consciousness. You, yourself, are gone. You Forever Flow Within the Sea of Infinite Love

The only True Marriage occurs in 'heaven on earth.' You recognize the unity of your Essential Core Self with All That Is.

In Heart Knowledge there is no doubt

Wake up to the "fact" that there is "more" to Life than meets the eye.

There are other forms of communication besides the use of language.

In Reality, We are All, in a sense, Extra-Terrestrial Beings.