Heart Energy

Without the 'student' the 'teacher' does not exist. It is a symbiotic relationship, as is, All Life Is in this connection. But, we, as a society have restricted the bonds we hold to one another through constrictions and constraints. We continue to be in bondage when we see one person being a "success" in life or as a "failure". This goes for whether you are a teacher or a student.
The teacher cannot assume a position of superiority over the perceived inferior student. The teaching fails miserably in this stance; the teaching has nothing to do with the content of what is being taught. You can See a true teacher, immediately, when You feel inspired and loved. And the teacher Sees the student as the Love that they Are.

This is particularly insidious among those who have gained some "success" through 'spiritual awakening'. I do not speak of Eckhart Tolle here, his "success" in the old world is a by-product of his "teaching". He has said that the greatest acheivement he has "made" is that he doesn't need to think anymore. He said that in the "success" of the Power of Now his ego would have loved it! I know what he is talking about, but I do not claim to know more then You.

This is about EVERYONE! Everyone has their own way into the Oneness or rather, coming out from behind the curtain. (Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz) (We Are already One, but some cannot See that)

I see that for now we are forming groups, in a sense, in order to connect In a larger field. When you know that your heart, literally, sends out bubbles of energy at the speed of light to anywhere in the World, how can we remain separate with our thoughts? (See: The Heart's Code by Paul Pearsall)

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