When I stopped judging myself, good or bad, negative or positive
All judgments of other people stopped being generated by me
this is liberation

This includes defining and assuming anything about another person
We know nothing with our minds, nothing
To judge another person is merely a 'thought' about that person
A thought that can never come close to the truth of Who We Are

We are without limits...  body and all...  what we call limitations... are in fact illusions
It is time to wake up to this now
It is time to stop feeling limited

The Heart language... We Are learning
contains no judgments, assumptions or definitions
the mind can't even hear this speak
that is why, We Are completely free now, to tell it, say it, Be it!!

It is alright to come up out of the ground now
The roots are spreading, the shoots are bursting forth
the dormant tree, sleeps no longer