Instrument of Peace

"The desire to be an instrument of peace is central to many ways of thinking, in both religious and non-religious outlooks. I wrote and sang this song with my children's chorus "The International Peace Performers" to honor any and all impetus towards being a vehicle for peace. Whether your "Lord" is the inner light of your own awareness or another view on spiritual matters, the intention behind this song is to honor all attempts at being a channel for peace and a bearer of hope in the world today. The Prayer of St. Francis provides the foundation of these lyrics, with additional words added. Cyrille Verdeaux played exquisite piano for this recording, and Paul Beach added chanting and percussion."

~ Frances Key

Rare U2 Pride In The Name Of Love Live 1984

Crystal Clarity

Love Is
who We Are
not what We do
The mind can never know this...
...We cannot become aware through thoughts...
what only the Heart feels

We are Aware of the Greater Intelligence arising on the planet
through Our Hearts
fueled by the truth of Love

unconscious actions can not occur in the space of Love
I now, understand, the U2 song: "Pride (In the Name of Love)"
Bono pleas with us: "What more 'in the name of love' ? "

It is all coming together now...
perfectly clear