I Am the Freedom Full in my Heart

I realize that some of the things I say may not make sense to most people. This is not due to a lack of understanding or knowledge on Your part; Or one may think that I am not clear or that I state the obvious; maybe You think you've heard it all before or I don't know what I'm talking about.

All misunderstanding comes from one place: the conditioned ego mind, collective and individual, both. You may think you understand but through the filter of the ego You can never understand. No one is at fault for this. If You can recognize the conditioning in others first and then yourself, You find the True Freedom You've been after, all along. If only for a moment! You Are on Your Way

There Is Only Universal Love

We Are All In OneLove

Through the I AM, the It, known AND Unknown, both

We cannot blame others for their unconsciousness
We have all been unconscious within this field of Now
We all have the possibility of "waking up to reality"
It Is All-Ways Now.
(things come and go, forms change constantly, but in the Now)
We can't know why or how or what
But We sense the Truth, not through thinking
Through some Unknown 'faculty'
Something undefinable
We can know that It Is, but we cannot know IT (through the external world)
But the external world comes Alive with inner knowing
~Knowing that each Core self is One Core