I longed to be close to my parents
While, as a child, I sat on their laps

They've gone far a-way now
clear out of sight

I never knew
One day, they'd return
to the home in my heart,

that ne'er did they leave



Love Is Here/Now

Universal Love cannot come through force,
You cannot think about it, conjure it up with your imagination,

Or do meditation on it;

It does not take steps to get to It
(although it may seem that way, in retrospect)

Love=the All="Allah"="God"=the Sacred dimension= the Divine=All That Is

You find it by not looking for It

It Is Now, with no future or past "existence"

We Only/Ever Experience the Now

You can never "have" It or "lose" It.

You Are It


Our longing for Love is the myth of the mind
Our hearts know all along
Where It resides
At the center of the Universe
Here I Am


The reality of "what is"
is better than
the illusion of "what isn't"

Every worry is an illusion


When you are on the shore the ocean comes toward you.

When you see love the ocean pulls you near.

When you give love, the ocean holds you.

I realize
Beingness Is

my intentions are rarely fulfilled
my Being is in Its Fullness
as is.

All Intention is inherent in Your Being
It unfolds

The reality of the truth is never what is imagined
Imagination in and of itself is beautiful!


Our True Nature of Allowing Life to Be
Has been covered over with the mind

We aren't awakening to "Sword" knowledge

We are Allowing Love to Be
And in this the Sword functions perfectly

(I'd like to come up with an alternative word for "Sword"...
any "thoughts" out there?)
(I am taking this "Sword" analogy from Eckhart Tolle... but it doesn't completely Play for me)


Losing focus can be a "good" thing

to greater awareness
is deepening Love
At moments
I can feel that there is no end
to the Universe
It is both lonely and comforting,
inspiring and quiet
(at the same time)...Awe-somely
kind and sad


I have family members and friends who literally cannot look at my blogs.



Share with Us something simple and fun You have discovered Yourself doing.  For example, I washed dishes by candlelight.


I took this off of Marite's "Quotation of the Day" gadget on her blog:

"Man has such a predilection for systems and abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is ready to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)


although it is not a necessity
It is nice to have one other person See You for Who You Truly Are
I See You


Life Is responsible for who We Are

And when You know that:

You Are Life, Itself


Only Love is Real

"Love your neighbor as yourself"

This is the key. It doesn't happen with the mind. Once you love yourself, you naturally love everyone. And loving yourself, is just becoming aware that You Are Love, Itself... naturally, everyone is, also, Love.

(release yourself from all self-imposed dogmas)
there is no opposite to Love, only misunderstanding of/by/through the mind


It is possible to wake up one day and discover that You love everyone and everything, truly
You don't need to think about it!


Blending into the oneness, at times can feel so deeply painful... and yet, on the edge, is already the joy.


The Meek are among Us

Everyone is born 'equipped' with all we truly need:
an Open Heart that has no boundaries
with Infinite Love, that only Gives

So simple

Everyone cares for each other, everyone is fulfilled just by existing

There are a few of these mutant beings walking around now.
And they are creating quite a scene-ry... and before you know it...
You Are Living in Paradise


You have to know what is suppressed, repressed, oppressed or denied, etc.
In order to transcend it
Otherwise--what are You transcending?

You have to deeply understand that no person "deserves" more of anything than another
You have to know that endless misunderstanding of who We truly are... has kept Us (all of us) divided merely by the figments of our imaginations.

Countless things throughout Our lives We suffered "because of"... were only ideas, usually based on other people's "beliefs" about Our selves that We accepted, blindly, as the truth. And the irony is that We had no power to See it any other way!

So when You Wake Up to Now, the true Reality... all the past pain and suffering dissolves in an instant... and instead You Are Left with the deepest Gratitude that Life is Living You...without end.


art project

Effortless Endeavor as BOOK
(mini-coffee table/art book) (picture book with selected writings)

I am Life Itself

I am devoted to creating Vessels of Love
It is a priceless endeavor

Life only gives


Dear One

Everyone is always welcome
Where ever they Are


We Are the Vessels, the channels, through which Love flows

Life Itself


i don't know any longer how to speak without offending someone
if i stay close within my own experience, then people do not believe me
as i speak from my heart people think i'm making it up

for now, i can only hold the light within, but at the same time allow it shine outward
wherever it goes

Life lives me
This is not a mental concept
Tears of deep sorrow flow for the world, pouring through me

I just want to hold your hand


Every act we make is a misunderstanding
Every judgment, every criticism, every act of violence, every war
The entire spectrum from thoughts to actions

We are born, innocent beings
Innocence never leaves us
It is only covered over with thoughts and concepts that our dysfunctional minds have imagined to be true

Now, we are experiencing a transformation of consciousness
Many are waking up to the Truth of who we Real-ly Are
Only unconsciousness has separated us from this knowing
Only a thought, has created pain and suffering for ourselves
And for others

But there are no 'others'... in Reality We Are Love, Itself
We Are Innocence, We Are Consciousness, We Are the Endless Universe

See Yourself as the Baby, the Child that is Ever Present in Your Heart
This Child Is Here, and Never Leaves You...
Embrace Your Child, Remove the Bandages from Your Heart
The Great Heart Surrounds You with Love


We perceive effort only through stress
(something that the mind believes and the pain body reacts to)
Generated by our thoughts, only

In the stress-less state of being
There Is no effort

In the state of Now, no one EVER 'accomplishes' more than another
Nor is anyone ever lazy, worthless, futile, incompetant...
It is the truth of who you are, You just can't see it.

This level playing field is in existence, right here, right now.
Take your blinders, made of beliefs, off.


Thinking with the mind
Is the denial of the existence of intuition
Which comes from the Heart

But the thinking stops on its own
The only requirement for becoming aware of intuition
Is breathing


The moon is 56% full
The little me, "doreen," will not be back in the next life
The only life is Now
And It is Living me
Future never comes
No more outcomes


It is the Crow Calling Love---the Nature of Love...of Who You Are
It may start out sounding faintly, and gradually over time (as we have known time to be)
Over time, the Call Increases
You can't even think about why you would be thinking this
The Knowing comes back on-line
to bring In this Awareness of Your Essential Being

You discover, You uncover that Your True Nature has been "hiding" up until Now


Below Consciousness the mind wants to find, always the rational explanation
When you become aware of all that is unconscious
You Are Aware In Consciousness


The Opening

We all contain/radiate female energy and male energy...out of whack... the awakening of us all serves to balance the two... not related so much to the form...

But in unconsciousness, we see that the female form was suppressed due to the mind's insanity

Un-awareness is over.. for us, for the whole of the feminine nature... must come first, this Now, this time...ending the madness

The feminine energy is increasing to bring the masculine energy back to its center. This is Natural "law" ...the confusion in the masculine energy dis-integrates in unconsciousness,

In Consciousness it aligns with the feminine energy
The feminine energy is magnetic, the masculine energy is electric

That is what is created through my "vessels"...the human form of "me" and through the copper wire "Love Vessels"... we All are "doing it" in one way or another!!
Anything that comes through your form serves to fuel the Love that You Are
The Nature of Love
Embraces the All