Re-Vision (prayer)

Our Mother/Father Sister/Brother

Who Are In Our Heart

Blessed Be Your Essence

In the Now

Loving All

Here Is Paradise

Feel this moment Our Breath

Realize We Are In the Oneness

Forever United In Love


Eternally Great Full

We Are


Sometime(s) the Universe
sends me letters
In the night

As if It is going some where!

i rise from the pillow
to scribble them down
(having snapped on the light)

Knowing Full Well
the meaning is dear
Me (alone)
to reveal

All Is Near


How can You tell?

I can't tell You anything = You can't tell me anything
I can hear You can hear me
Together in Silence
Flow(t)-In/g * Uni-Verse


Picture these words

Words are meaning less
Pictures are worth a thousand words
1000 meaningless things don't
take/make a picture/
a case of mistaken identity
mis-take the picture for now



Not to become aware is "to fix"
To be Aware Is Allow

I have nothing to do with
what changes In me

*I* never changes
just like "you"
told me

The Now Is Your constant sanctuary




The "Dream" comes True

The "content of one's character" is transformed to Be:
Our Heart
Freedom Full

You find Freedom in Your Heart,
not out there

See the Heart of Freedom
It's Here Now
In You
at last!



Life is a complete and utterly
mind-stopping mystery

When You realize this...
through the Heart Space...

Life completes You

{You drift in the very
center of Its Source}

Love and Grace go Hand in Hand

Remember: to the mind
suffering is endless

Each human being is connected
to the Heart
that guides them through...
Grace always comes in,

one way or



Love is a state of Being

The time of conceptual thinking is over (for me)

You lose Your thinking memory
And dreams of a future that never comes
complete Freedom Full In the Heart

(ode to Rumi, Gangaji, Et Al.)

We swim out in the Sea
You wanted to get back in the boat

You did

as I dove deeply to dim light
& internal pressure
but always my closed Eyes radiated the treasure
In my grasp, in the palm of my heart

You allowed me, this diving
Just---for the freedom of it

And, meanwhile, on the shore, I stood, as well...
as I was riding the waves, at the same time

You remained calm and confused
You drift, in Your big ship, farther out from + In To the center of Our Universe
(sometimes You sail a fishing trawler)

When I flew overhead, You lowered Your net so that I might not get caught

I was lost in Your dream
and afraid of my own
Yet... this is how I found this natural one

To see love in everything, In Everyone
because It is, at last,
the all I ever yearned for,

uncovered In me


First the realization comes that there is no we and them

This sinks into the depth of one's heart (which is One Heart)

Then the layers of collective conditioning unpeel
~over time~

Always In the Now

What happens is the body feels the collective pain

As the transmutation takes place

The mind, naturally, becomes quiet
For many, the grace of Allow, brings in the awareness
The knowing of the Oneness, then cannot leave

One becomes Open
This is the crucial aspect of Awareness
One is aware that all collective conditioning, for all people, for all time...
Is experienced as being equal

One's life experience dissolves in relation to the collective experience
Eventually the collective conditioning contained within, also dissolves

In to Compassion, for everyone... no one/group more than another
it is through the deepest pain in Our hearts for Our groups that We are drawn to (by nature)
(ie: native people)

That We, indeed, transmute this pain and suffering through Our Awareness... which is equal to Love

The Now Is the doorway

We Are the "end of suffering"


To want "just This"... Is to Be This...all desire leaves You!  Freedom from desires, hopes and fears

It is a completely stress-Free Zone
And IT functions beautifully...

When One hears the truth, One does not form an opinion on it


In the Endless Middle

If someone thinks they are the "center of the Universe"
in FACT they are...
You Are, I Am

This is the truth we attempt to "knock out" of children, as their bodies grow

NOT Only This!!
We Are, as WIDE + DEEP, as the Universe(s)!!


as the ordinary becomes extraordinary
the extraordinary becomes ordinary