Who has a choice?

No one
Just think about Your life
from the very beginning... from birth
what choice have You ever had?
Yes, many have told You that You have a choice...
That You can choose
Tell me, when was that, that You had a choice?

Just This... the ultimate beauty of Life Itself
Right in front of Your nose... totally blind from view!!


I shall not plant a garden this spring
('haven't for quite some time)
The garden cultivates me-I


Divine-ing the Wedding Within

Any male who becomes aware of his feminine nature
Becomes Open to his True Nature
And his True Self, embodied In a masculine form
Is honored to "take the back seat;"
To hold the door open for the Love within Us All


There *Is* (nothing to) forgive-ness

Forgive Yourself for expecting someone else to forgive You
Forgive Them, for not forgiving You
Eventhough it is all based on misunderstanding
It [may be] important to forgive the world



Some of Us have never had the opportunity to speak up/out in our life experiences [before]
Some of Us feel relieved to not have to speak all of the time
Some of Us are happy to just read/listen
Some of Us are thrilled to see our fingers tapping out the words
Some of Us are finding similar experiences shared by other folks
Some of Us are in awe of the vast range of experiences
+ some of Us find inspiration in Allowing this moment to Be


What happens:
Our Heart, which is shared, a no-thing
Takes over Your mind, which doesn't really exist
(so subtle, this 'coup de grĂ¢ce' )

'takes no time, at all
looking back, it is now

step out of illusion
and in to reality
while perfectly still +
moving at the speed of light


True Conscious-ness is being
un conscious of how conscious We Are

A thread runs through every point
of existence


Being aware of the space between things made me aware of the
 s   p   a   c   e     e   v   e   r   y   (w)   h   e   r   e