Everything is right in place

What We perceive as mistakes occur continually, in Our every-day living. Have You ever stopped to realize that You can’t stop the “mistakes”? Mis-takes are only judgments; judgments are thoughts/beliefs that We make ‘after the f-act’... You cannot prevent the actual acts. Therefore, once You stop using 'judgment' (which are just thoughts about the past, a past that only exists in the mind) You Are Free, Free to live in Life As It Is. Take away judgment and everything ‘falls in to Place’.
No more anxiety, stress, failure or success, better or lesser than. True Equality arises. True Love (for, of, by, in, with, surrounding All)
No mistakes... making no mistake about it!
All action is thus 'right action'...
[ironically, when You know that there are no mistakes...lol]