Love Nature

just something that came up

belief/beliefs come from the mind... as thoughts

Truth/Reality/Consciousness/Life/Love/Space is known through the Heart

Heart knows the Truth, always... not needing the mind to interpret or 'believe in'...[Truth]

Heart Knowing is only temporarily obscured by the mind...in the form of stories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs...

We all have radically different experiencing... that cannot be 'compared'... yet, We can know... that every unique life situation serves to bring Us together, In Unity... a common invisible thread of truth runs through, and weaves together each heart

We come to Gratitude, through ALL (painful, mundane, joyful) of Our 'personal' experiencing because it brings Us to the non-personal realm...

where there is never a problem, yet there is always Love

the Heart is freed from the bondage of the mind...
Love Nature is your true Nature,
Intimate with Life...the endless completion...the ever-present fairy tale comes true...
Merged with the True Love of your Life...Life...Itself


october 9, 2011

accepting that there is nothing I can do... makes everything that I do, the best thing to be doing

detail of mercroned[a/b]c



With Gratitude,
Lydia Nibley, on behalf of the film team


Everything is right in place

What We perceive as mistakes occur continually, in Our every-day living. Have You ever stopped to realize that You can’t stop the “mistakes”? Mis-takes are only judgments; judgments are thoughts/beliefs that We make ‘after the f-act’... You cannot prevent the actual acts. Therefore, once You stop using 'judgment' (which are just thoughts about the past, a past that only exists in the mind) You Are Free, Free to live in Life As It Is. Take away judgment and everything ‘falls in to Place’.
No more anxiety, stress, failure or success, better or lesser than. True Equality arises. True Love (for, of, by, in, with, surrounding All)
No mistakes... making no mistake about it!
All action is thus 'right action'...
[ironically, when You know that there are no mistakes...lol]


Hugging Us!

take this moment, as You read this...

to stop...

go outside, to deeply smell a flower...
 or lay your cheek against the bark of a tree...
or gaze upward at the sky...

saturate your nasal passages and lungs with the fragrance of Life... this is It... this is Love

Life's Embrace
Hugging You


to the mind: everything matters

                         to the heart-mind: nothing matters

when heart over-lays mind: sometimes everything matters, sometimes nothing matters

when the mind dissolves in the heart: 'back to' a re-kNewed version of everything matters!!

          ... heart deepens and widens ... eternally....              



Love is who You are

"The common expression is 'I love you.' But instead of 'I love you,' it would be better to say, 'I am love — I am the embodiment of pure love.' Remove the I and you, and you will find that there is only love. It is as if love is imprisoned between the I and you. Remove the I and you, for they are unreal; they are self-imposed walls that don't exist. The gulf between I and you is the ego. When the ego is removed the distance disappears and the I and you also disappear. They merge to become one — and that is love. You lend the I and you their reality. Withdraw your support and they will disappear. Then you will realize, not that 'I love you,' but that 'I am that all-embracing love.'" 

~ Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) 


in nana's footsteps

this photo of Croagh Patrick is courtesy of Tess Hughes

photo taken by Doreen Connors in the fall of 1980; Clew Bay with Croagh Patrick in the background


living in gentleness

a deep sense of gratitude is held for 'the All' of lifetime experiences... from the moment of birth

the past is completely transmuted/changed...all the 'baby' steps taken (from the 'beginning of life' as a baby) moving in to one's life... are 'literally' changed/transformed...seen in a completely new light

only great fullness remains without any regrets or sadness

for me, to see that from the moment we are born....that Life *simply* happens to us... this was the doorway open for Gratitude to come in...

to see that from the moment we are born, every movement is without a choice...

the first lie told is not coming out of 'choice'....it is coming from a place within that fears the pain of 'love being removed'...so to speak...

we have no choice to remove ourselves from the environment/care giving situation that we find ourselves in... and so one automatic step leads to the next....and so on... in to our life situations... "building" our lives through the conditioning that is never anyone's choice... until awareness sets In!!

Holding the awareness of this through our heart...is crucial to resting in awareness in the field of Now

the grace of gratitude is the fuel that maintains the fire of awareness

the body/person/essence is in a constant resting place...In Love (the formless dimension)

Love is elevated way beyond the egoic sense of love... Love *Is* the Now

bit by bit the old story of the past is brand new

a tale of nothing but Joy to be told

(seems crazy to the mind, yet it is true)

the Heart takes over completely and runs the show...beautifully!

the child reclaims her eyes of wonder

she is re-born In her 'birthright' of unconditional Love

~ * ~


commenting happens

Blogger :Doreen said...

It is a "going beyond the thinking mind"...thoughts arise without a 'self' attaching to them. In other words, it is simply that the thoughts are no longer "believed" as the object of the self. I am not my thoughts. Otherwise we identify with the thoughts as being "who we are"...
who we are, in truth, is consciousness itself...the awareness, itself behind the thoughts. Animals are indeed 'one' with nature. At this stage when we know we are one with nature, we get to go 'beyond' the animal (not in a hierarchical sense)...
we are consciousness, and consciousness is thus 'becoming' aware of itself...

We can also say that we are becoming aware or shifting in to awareness of multi-dimensionality. Dimensions that the mind is incapable of being aware of. There unfolds no 'need' to understand dimensions conceptually, because they don't fit in a nice, neat little box of the mind. We expand our consciousness, so to speak, to "understand" through a level of our awareness that prior to awakening was not available. The awakening is an unfoldment...an unfolding process, that is unique to each person...and yet, we all end up, at some point, so to speak, with the identical resonant vibrational awareness.
May 14, 2011 6:52 AM

:Doreen said...

Actually, Eckhart [Tolle] points to the state of awareness that I just spoke about as being "meditation" itself. Meditation, we could say, is a state of constantly being at rest in the mind. Having a quiet mind, which does not require actual 'silence'. It is the stillness that Eckhart refers to... It is resting perpetually in a quiet and peacefull mind, yet when action is needed, our bodies move and effectively act!!!...Quite beautiful and filled with Joy and Love. Love is what we Are, it is not a thought or a feeling; yet loving thoughts, actions and feeling come out of being present in the Now.

May 14, 2011 7:01 AM

 :Doreen said...

Everything that has ever happened to us, in our lives/lifetimes...contributes to awakening. It is not something that we 'get' through thinking about it. It 'comes on-line' in to our awareness. Resonance and vibration are the most 'powerfull' aspects of downloading the In-formation that In-forms our awakening. There is such a multitude of aspects that literally renders the mind ineffective...and yet a much greater intelligence comes in, "takes over" our beings, we can say, and serves us all with crystal clarity! [thus, gone are all the 'fuzzy' lines...doubts, worries, past regret, future expectations, anxiety, psychological fear; the fear of death is removed]
May 14, 2011 7:13 AM

 :Doreen said...

Eckhart has never made a 'claim' about anything. He speaks from his experiencing, being in the now. And when two people meet (for example, Eckhart gives a talk, I listen)...we are meeting in resonance. The whole being senses/feels the truth that is spoken. It comes through the heart space, this is where the truth is understood...is known. It is unlike anything we have ever known. It opens everything up in to the endless space of pure possibility...pure inspiration... without the burden of 'needing to accomplish, fulfill or satisfy' any idea. It is being In the Fullness of one's life...In Life, Itself. Finally! truely Living Life! that which the heart always longed for, and yet had temporarily abandoned because thoughts got in the way.
May 14, 2011 7:27 AM


June 2, 2008

I do not claim to write any "original" ideas. I write reflections of teachings from all my connections to the One Love. I take in what is Truth and discard the rest, in a natural process, intuitively. I AM highlighting the parts that have been integrated into my essence. There is no effort involved in this form of writing. It flows from my heart.

Mandi Solk: 'You are SO loved'



Even though all my endeavors {these days} are effortless
[my] Heart (and soul) is poured in to every one of them!.....................
bleeding heart portrait


the artist's right by Graham Dean

I can ride mountains
And float in the grasses
Diving into skies
Jumping across their clouds.
No thought ties me
All those trials
trampled by the love of the trip.
I’ve reached the cuff of creation
And I found a time that meant
I was happy forever,
and I am.


the Great Heart sings

the apology to the Divine Feminine
every heart... has been spoken...

it sinks in to the heart... embraced
the forgiveness You are wishing to hear, transmits heart to heart...
when the mind is 

You feel + You know
  the union of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine....

this merger withIn
  is the.... final surrender....

~ ~



nothing comes to mind
the truth of equality
has nothing to do
with Our thoughts


Voice from the Heart: melding hearts

Voice from the Heart: melding hearts: "in truth/reality We forgive every human for its 'history' and current unconsciousness, insanity... from Now, the space of Being forgiven..."