The Meek are among Us

Everyone is born 'equipped' with all we truly need:
an Open Heart that has no boundaries
with Infinite Love, that only Gives

So simple

Everyone cares for each other, everyone is fulfilled just by existing

There are a few of these mutant beings walking around now.
And they are creating quite a scene-ry... and before you know it...
You Are Living in Paradise

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Marite said...

This is what my friend Raul Guerra wrote today:

As if you...better, If only you could...no no no...lets try again:

If only you could respond honestly to your most inner desire...
the answer would be...
As a matter of fact, this same question has been going in circles
for quite a bit inside my mind.
Why do we do what we do? (I individualize) Why do I do what I do?
the simple answer is: to make other people happy.
Yet the answer is not enough for the huge demand of information these
I do what I do/paint/pray/design in order to SHARE.
SHARING is one of my compass points.
And its in sharing that we find who we are.

So, Lets spread the magic (call it Love/energy/sinergy)

pd: As an old friend of mine told me recently...if you dont share your gift with the world...talk to your fairies whenever you feel alone again.