The Opening

We all contain/radiate female energy and male energy...out of whack... the awakening of us all serves to balance the two... not related so much to the form...

But in unconsciousness, we see that the female form was suppressed due to the mind's insanity

Un-awareness is over.. for us, for the whole of the feminine nature... must come first, this Now, this time...ending the madness

The feminine energy is increasing to bring the masculine energy back to its center. This is Natural "law" ...the confusion in the masculine energy dis-integrates in unconsciousness,

In Consciousness it aligns with the feminine energy
The feminine energy is magnetic, the masculine energy is electric

That is what is created through my "vessels"...the human form of "me" and through the copper wire "Love Vessels"... we All are "doing it" in one way or another!!
Anything that comes through your form serves to fuel the Love that You Are
The Nature of Love
Embraces the All


equiwolf said...

What an incredibly beautiful flower!

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