(ode to Rumi, Gangaji, Et Al.)

We swim out in the Sea
You wanted to get back in the boat

You did

as I dove deeply to dim light
& internal pressure
but always my closed Eyes radiated the treasure
In my grasp, in the palm of my heart

You allowed me, this diving
Just---for the freedom of it

And, meanwhile, on the shore, I stood, as well...
as I was riding the waves, at the same time

You remained calm and confused
You drift, in Your big ship, farther out from + In To the center of Our Universe
(sometimes You sail a fishing trawler)

When I flew overhead, You lowered Your net so that I might not get caught

I was lost in Your dream
and afraid of my own
Yet... this is how I found this natural one

To see love in everything, In Everyone
because It is, at last,
the all I ever yearned for,

uncovered In me

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