First the realization comes that there is no we and them

This sinks into the depth of one's heart (which is One Heart)

Then the layers of collective conditioning unpeel
~over time~

Always In the Now

What happens is the body feels the collective pain

As the transmutation takes place

The mind, naturally, becomes quiet
For many, the grace of Allow, brings in the awareness
The knowing of the Oneness, then cannot leave

One becomes Open
This is the crucial aspect of Awareness
One is aware that all collective conditioning, for all people, for all time...
Is experienced as being equal

One's life experience dissolves in relation to the collective experience
Eventually the collective conditioning contained within, also dissolves

In to Compassion, for everyone... no one/group more than another
it is through the deepest pain in Our hearts for Our groups that We are drawn to (by nature)
(ie: native people)

That We, indeed, transmute this pain and suffering through Our Awareness... which is equal to Love

The Now Is the doorway

We Are the "end of suffering"

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Yvonne said...

We Are the "end of suffering"