The things that divide people are just concepts and thoughts.

If only we could tell another that the reason they are suffering is just a
thought about it....

If you and another are on completely different
wavelengths, the one who is awake "has" the
understanding and
holds the light (instead of "have a fight")

It "gets" easier, though---
the "more" awake- It becomes
no task--whatsoever
to Be Your Life
No questions, no anxiety, no regrets, no guilt, no fear,
no difficulty

Still, the others will blame You for the cause of their pain
You can not prove yourself;
You can never win this fight ever again. Because
You have laid All weapons down (forever)
And gone Home


Diane Meier said...

I really love this post! And, actually, your whole blog is inspiring. Just beautiful, beautiful.

Doreen said...

Thank You Diane! I Am thrilled to my Heart Core to find You via your blog, as Well!