You are not responsible for your "personality". It has served you. Once You See that You are much "more" than "your personality" You will begin to See how We Are All connected. All One (thing) (but It Is not a "thing" It Is Consciousness)

We Are the One Consciousness expressing Life through form. The body is a mask, a theater for a play(improvisational); so when the body dies We go "back" into the Oneness (which We never left, there Is no "going back")
We Are In It Allready.

Ponder, a moment, the depth of this.
Stop trying to change yourself, to "better" yourself, to be something that you are not.
Stop arguing with the Now. Unless you stop the fight, you will never realize the bliss in this field of Now, always in your center, as close as your breath. But you cannot stop it with your mind.
I "want" for You this realization of the depth of who You Are. Although, It Is, (only important that I realize for "my" Expression because I, also See It In You. Your realization of Your essential self is important for You once You recognize It, and thus the rest of "Us")

In that realization is the Ecstasy of Life. Simple Bliss. Simple
You can have it Now. Know that.
The past is a story and the future never comes! So without regret, guilt, and stress (ONLY thoughts about the past and future!!) you have instant peace, ONLY LOVE!

You CANNOT control your thoughts, BUT you can stop the obsessive thought patterns by recognizing your thoughts as JUST thoughts!!!
You can then See that We Are("were") All mad before this realization comes to YOU. But it never comes in the future, it only comes in the NOW
Just ponder the impossibility of becoming someone else
What You Are is exactly as It Is

Your Intuition knows exactly what It Is Being in this field of NOW


Anonymous said...

Do you mean that I am something more than I am?

Doreen said...

It Is really "more" than "more", which cannot be fathomed with the mind, but You can get a sense of it.

You Are already "the more" but it is the realization of that that changes the Universe. So, a person continues creating suffering for others. Unless that person realizes that he or she is not (really) that "person"; he or she will continue on with these unconscious acts. But, when a "person" realizes the ultimate connection to All others; she or he acts out of consciousness And therefore ends the actions that create misery for others. This occurs, naturally. There is no thought that enters the brain as to how to proceed. The action comes about intuitively.

You can "think" of it like a "chain reaction". One being wakes up and acts from this state of presence. Therefore the suffering that arises from the "old" unconsciousness is ended. As "each" entity awakens the whole is thus affected.