Last night I had a "random" memory pop in at 10:45 pm: Area of Newport Beach, California w/Paul...going to a restaurant, bright evening sun, around summer 1976 (77?, 'would have to look it up). And then the Fortune Teller machine, ocean cliff building, old tourist attraction, in November 1985, San Francisco w/Carl


Doreen said...

What ever happened to Michael Simanonok(sp?)?

Doreen said...

So...last night, my son turned on MTV to the show, "What's Your News" and one of the "interviewers" came across a Zoltar Fortune Telling machine (I think he was in Las Vegas)!!!

I'm not 100% sure that the one I "remembered" was Zoltar because later today I found the fortune I had kept from it(on a small piece of paper: it says Estrella on the top and the rest is in Spanish). Tomorrow I will photograph it. I will have it translated... I will research, further, the details that this synchronicity has presented to me. Because it is Fun!

I do not need to investigate further as I already have a good indication to its signigicance (re-minding me that Life is fantastic and "works" without effort when we allow it to BE)