Who Are You.....Really?


? said...

Is she saying that the true self is the emptiness behind our physical forms?
Where is this knowledge coming from, Hinduism?
Is this not also a belief?
She has listened to Papa Ji and believes that Papa Ji knows the truth,
then she repeats what he is saying.

No one knows the truth about the true self and the world, I think.
Many people believe that they know but they don’t.
There are so many Gurus, spiritual teachers, priests, mullahs and therapists and they all have different explanations about the soul, and how the world is working.

Life is a mystery. We will never know who we truly are and how things are working, I think.

:Doreen said...

it comes from the heart

Reenah said...

In resonance with 'my' deepest Heart ... thank you Doreen XO

Aralan said...

It feels like a bit of a paradox to the brain but for "me" its like when I am completely comfortable not knowing - I know. Things stop. The heart is the true wisdom. But if we try to dissect it with the mind and words and forms we only come up short. (fortunately there is even great beauty in that)