Colleen Loehr said...

Wonderful video of Amma. I heard that Amma herself had a rough childhood and experienced verbal abuse and a lack of love. So beautiful that she has tapped into the well of God's love within her. Did you receive Darshan from Amma when she was in Texas? Thanks for posting this video.

Doreen said...

Thank You Colleen, for viewing this. This short segment gives a very accurate picture of Amma. She actually experienced physical abuse, as well, as a child. Her parents were very confused about her "odd" states of consciousness that she exhibited from the time of her birth.

In addition, her skin color was much darker from the rest of her family's complexion; she was not accepted until she became a young woman and the 'miraculous' nature of her being became evident to her parents. And thus, they then supported the gradual establishment of her ashram at her family home.

I received Darshan from Amma twice, while attending her retreat in Massachusetts...LOL!! It is remarkable to have been in her presence; she is truly an enlightened being...[since birth]

She embodies and transmits divine love...unconditional love...Itself. She reaches us directly through her touch, as words, alone, are not the carriers of this truth. Clearly, she teaches that we each contain the exact same divinity.

I know meeting her is "greater" than meeting Jesus and the Buddha combined...

She has accelerated the unfoldment of Love...on the planet.

the 'perfection' of the 'whole thing'... is too much for words

Colleen Loehr said...

Thanks Doreen for letting me know more about Amma, and your experience of receiving Darshan from her. (Don't know why I thought you were in Texas- thanks for letting me know you are in Massachusetts). I am inspired by your communication to attend a meeting with Amma if I ever have the chance.