What can I say?

Talking about Being Present sounds so mamby-pamby to someone who is just beginning to awaken.
This is not, in any way, a judgment toward the listener.  They can't help it.  Nor, can anyone "help" how they feel.  There is absolutely no "right or wrong" way... and even when we label something as being "right" or "wrong".... well that is not it, either.  To some, it sounds very strange to be able to remove all the labels and definitions; judgments (good or bad) that we put on everything.  It is really, a removal of adjectives, unless the adjective expresses an inner feeling, a feeling that (in effect) does not make another person "wrong" in stating it.

The true irony with all of this, though.... is... the mind can't make these "non-judgments" or even "think" about them... Then it just does not play, though, that is OK, "until" It Plays... Life Plays.  You just recognize this, it is that simple... and yet, deeply profound.  So incredibly profound, that there is no end to the deepening.  Endless.

The quite miraculous thing that, also, occurs... is an ever-present Gratitude that You hold for Your life situation... the All of It... the whole thing... from the moment You were born.  What once was painful, transmutes, in retrospect, to just being Full of Truth, Beauty and Love.  Your perspective completely changes, Your outlook Is transformed.  Forever.  Your "past" changes.  And the "future" never comes.  You do, indeed, See ...YourSelf merging with Life, Itself.

The words just don't cut it.  I can't help it, if they sound un-True.  You find this out, for Yourself.  What lies beneath the surface is Truth.  And it is not a word.  Not an expression.  Not a feeling...that can be described.


Aralan said...

I have always loved this painting ever since my best friend and college roommate hung it in his room at college. And what you say about the mind and truth and your life situation resonates deeply too. An immense gratitude exists for the simple generosity of existence.

Doreen said...

This is my 'All-Time' favorite painting. How amazing, for me,"it was", to be able to visit it frequently!!!