A musing

if You think something "is it"
then You know that's not it

any thought about something, is not the truth

truth can never be spoken
I feel the body feels the truth....more

acutely ~

the "aHa" goes deeper In the cells.
cellular memory

human consciousness evolving....  paradoxical
We don't truly know if this is "an evolution" of consciousness
Feels more like, Yes, human evolution In to becoming Aware of Consciousness
...That Is....  And yet, Life Is the motivating force... So exquisitely complex, Our "minds" which are nothing...
Blow Up... In the thinking process....  an Implosion of Peace.

It can be an In-volution withIn all the Life forms---that then becomes aware of Consciousness
Aware that We ARE Consciousness becoming Aware of Itself
An Infinite series of mirrors... Life without end... Plays!

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