What I could not fathom in my mind and my heart, for the past few years, was "how could the father of the 2 beautiful children (ALL CHILDREN ARE BEAUTIFUL), which I channeled from and through the Universe of Love, hate me so much?"

This was the illusion in my life situation. The illusion, finally, "dropped me." Hate is an unconscious belief; only Love is real, it has no opposite.


Doreen said...

Dear Marite,

Thanks for "The Work" reminder; it is "loving what is" that helps me!!
I know that "my thoughts" about another are illusion!
A River of Joyful Tears Seeing Your slide show.

Marite said...

Joyful Tears...!
Wondering about the energies at work.
Wondering about Who Draws through my hand.
Healing takes place when the eye rests on the images.
Wondering......String-theory.......All is connected.
With Love,