Living with Sleepers

I have reached out to the world with all of my being. I do this with each Now moment. I offer my "art" at greatly reduced prices compared with the "norm" for art objects. I am offering insights and spilling forth Love of Life. I need nothing in return, but my kids do. What more can I do in my day that will keep them living under this roof?

That thought, at times, "weighs me down." Is it the last remnants of ego? Is saying I have a few "last remnants of ego" ego? How to get out from under it? This is just a thought. There "must" be a way to be here, with basic things for living. Again, a thought about it. I no longer need to acquire more "things" except food. Warmth in the winter. Occasionally, hot water for a shower. I would love to take a hot bath, but that is a luxury. How to pay for us to be able to live together in the home that they are comfortable with? It is not a big house, it could use some "fixing up", a few appliances could be replaced, some things need repair. Do I need to lose the garden? I know there are other gardens.

Is it the 'letting go' of thoughts that changes everything? I hear from another(s) who tells me that my "life" is wrong. I know that that is someone "else's" thought about it.
That thought is miles away from the Truth. Many people have thoughts that are miles away from their very "own lives". I say "own lives" because in Truth, We are One Life.

Sounds pretty, or nice. It takes great loss to See it. And if the "loss" continues it no longer appears "as loss." But as the Great Opening that It Is.

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