Do What You Love; Will the money follow?

It may be a paradox... doing what you love allows you to do things you "think" you do not love, like doing the dishes...
Being present or living in the field of Now, eliminates stress, therefore any "doing" in the Now is "loving what is."

In a sense, you find that whatever you do, you love. But there seems to be a "pace" involved, that any pressure coming from the outside to "perform" according to societal expectations can no longer be maintained.

In a way, I consciously dropped doing the things that are "expected" of me by family, friends, society. Within my small 'sphere of influence' it was expected that I financially contribute to my family. Even when I was doing that in a very small way, in relative terms, all my other "functions" suffered (ie: mothering and art making, observing, etc.) Society does not honor these functions as valid functions for its members. "If you are not bringing home any bacon, you do not deserve to do what you love." Personally, it has not been possible for me to sell my art (as a means of support) for numerous reasons: I do not play the artworld game, I don't 'believe' in judging art according to subjective "standards" (?), I don't 'believe' in "marketing" art as the artworld requires, I don't 'believe' that only wealthy people can own art, etc. I, actually would give my artplay for free (and often do) were it not for the money system; we are "required" to use money for food, etc.

There cannot be a hierarchy for outer purposes in the New Earth. Anyway, these 'things' will work itself out. For now, in this bridge-world we live On, we have to leap off the cliff into the ocean of Love.
"When you love, and let love do what it will, there is right action, because love never seeks success, it is never caught up in imitation; but if you give your life to something which you don't love, you will never be free." (Krishnamurti)

This is truth. I have "thought" of this in a slightly different way. The way of society is completely "wrong" with regards to livelihood. It is not based on allowing or honoring what people love to do. Often I envision what a "society" of New Earthians would look like: everyone does what they love to do and everyone is equal because there is no longer ownership, money, etc. It functions beautifully without the ego.

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