It is not that important that the mindsets of "others" change. What is most important is that one's own changes. EVERYONE has the potential for waking up. But no one else can effect one's "own" state of consciousness. This is Key to understanding.

For example, in discussions we get "enlightened ideas" but through "habits" we go back to the old ideas over and over again. And without knowing it, we go back to original beliefs. If one "thinks" it is OK for oneself to change but that others cannot, then one hinders one's own change. I hear people label and define other people as if they have a choice as to the state of their consciousness. They do not. All people are born into a situation; are born with collective conditioning... these are not things one "escapes" through thoughts or the "mind". (My sense is that some children being born now, will not have a heavy, conditioned mind)

There is a subtle shift that happens, where everyone is viewed equally in this awakening process. The time line is not important. The external world and the way it "functions" becomes less and less important. Because, one no longer is "at the mercy" of others. Today, for example, the car I and my daughter drive has a problem with the brakes. 3 times yesterday they did not make contact to the drums or rotors(?) so the control of the car was lost, and luckily the car stopped "in time", all 3 times. The car needs repair, no doubt! But when the subject was brought up to the husband, the immediate reaction was "I don't have the money." This is a habitual habit that is not changing because I change; but I realize that he cannot control this. But, now, I have the capacity to find a different solution. For "one of" the first times, I again, realize that he literally cannot hear me.

New Awareness, also, takes some getting used to. Like, Eckhart Tolle, he spent many years before he could talk about what had happened to him. For example, I hear Ellen Langer, what she says is valid. I have not read her book, Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility, but what comes up is this question: How long did these changes in people last? Is it possible that after some time they revert back to their "old" way of thinking? Without one's Own awareness of how repetitive thought is dysfunctional, these changes may not last. But, "once awakened", as a society, living within the field of Now, the children function, also, in this way of Now.

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Marite said...

"When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a wo-man I put away childish things."

Awakening is a point of no return.

Wisdom disolves the path if ignorance left behind.