Completely Open Vessel

Where do thoughts come from?
I was standing in the shower, earlier today, and the thought came to me that if I had been burned as a witch in Lucerne in the days of witch burning, then I needed this lifetime to clear that matter up. To, in a sense, forgive those in this lifetime who have not understood me, or have gotten caught up in their own "self" to not be aware of their callous actions.

(the Truth within this "thought" is valid, regardless of the "unknown" aspects of it)

I have in this lifetime travelled to Lucerne and know people who lived there, at that time. At the time I was there, I would not be aware of this thought, at all. But I was in emotional turmoil while there; "Down and Out in London and Paris", so to speak.

Anyway, now, I'm reflecting too much on this thought that just "popped up" in the shower. The other part was that in conjunction to the thought about witch burning, the thought arose about the "conversation" I've been having with Marite... but alas, now, I have forgotten the seemingly complex stream of thinking that took no effort, at all, to arise. The thoughts just come. And go.

But, later this day, as I was sitting in my green garden (what many would call "weeds") I had what seems like a completely random thought. The thought was this: I saw a place near a drive-in movie theatre that I used to go to as a child or very young teenager. It was near a lime or chalk factory. Just out of the blue, no thoughts leading up to it.

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John Mulvay - Living the Life of an Artist said...

Your openness with your true thoughts and feelings is a nice thing for me to find, by chance, on this early Winter morning.
I'd love to stay and chat but I will limit myself to an old New Zealand greeting/farewell: Good on you..